What It’s Like Working With Us

Relax!  We are super easy to work with!

Call us.  Let’s talk!

What We’ll Need From You

Our goal is to take up as little of your time as possible but some participation will be required

We simply need to fully understand your business and its goals to do our job properly. 

Step 1 – Involves you completing our onboarding survey which will collect the bulk of the information we will need.   We can skip the survey and take notes during a phone call for clients that don’t like typing!  We’ll also do at least 1 phone call follow up after receiving the onboarding survey back from you or reviewing the notes we took on our call to discuss everything in more detail.

Step 2 – We need access to anything you currently already have in place and can assist with this process.

Step 3 – We’ll need photographs, lots of photographs!  The web is visual and nothing can better represent your business than actual photographs of your business.  We have an easy to use file share system in place to facilitate this and can also use DropBox or Google Drive.  Along with photographs, we’ll need your logo, printed marketing material, and any videos you may have.

Ongoing – We’ll want to hop on a call monthly to touch base and get any updates you have as far as changes to your business in general and seasonality type changes.  We will also want you to send us new pictures and videos on a regular basis.

That’s It

We try to keep things relatively simple here while working in a complex and ever-changing online environment.

If you are ready to have a quick conversation about engaging our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.