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We have nothing to hide when it comes to the pricing of our web services.

How can you make a decision without knowing the price after all?

Website Pricing

Very simple websites:  $1,000

This website offering is for special circumstances.  It is not recommended for marketing purposes.

The types of websites that would fall in the $1,000 range include websites that only require a handful of pages that usually serve a very specific purpose.  Here’s an example:

Starter websites: $2,250*

Perfect for a small business just getting started.

This is a stripped-down version of our flagship website.  The main difference being the number of pages it contains…instead of having a dedicated page for each product or service, they would be all be housed on 1 page.

Flagship websites: $3,500 and up*

If your business is profitable and you are wanting to scale, this is the option for you.

These websites include approximately 17-pages allowing us to perform everything we’d like to see done to give you the best shot at competing in the search results even if you don’t opt for ongoing SEO services.

*Read our FAQ page to see what is included with our starter and flagship website designs.  If you are wanting extreme design customization or functionality, it could increase the cost of your project but we will go over this with you before we begin if we realize this is the case.

SEO Pricing

After the $1,500 onboarding period which usually lasts 1-month, we could pause our service there or continue performing ongoing SEO services at an agreed-upon monthly amount.

Our monthly SEO fees range from $500 to $1,500 per month depending on several factors including your industry, competition level, and goals from marketing your business online.

We offer monthly engagement periods of 3, 6, 12, or 18-month.

Google Ads Pricing

Google Ads is an auction.  The ‘price per click’ varies on numerous factors.

$200 is our fee to set up your Google Ads account and create 9 versions of search ads.  You will own this Google Ads account and can remove our access at any time you wish.

Set up includes geographic targeting, demographic targeting, conversion tracking, device optimization, scheduled ads, all applicable extensions, keyword research, and negative keyword inputs.

We’ll grab you a $100 Google Ads credit in the process which will be applied to your 2nd month’s invoice from Google Ads.

Company Email Pricing

These are free, if you need help setting them up we charge a $60 fee for the 1st and $15 for each thereafter.

Web Hostings Pricing

We charge $175 per year to host a website on our dedicated AWS server.  If we purchase your domain name on your behalf, the cost of your domain and renewal is included in our $175 fee.  You always have full access to your domain and hosting if we handle the purchase and set up for you.

MailChimp Pricing

We can manage your newsletter or other automated emails.  This service is priced per the scope of work.  Contact us for pricing for your specific needs.

Review Fetching Pricing

We can quickly increase the number of reviews you have online by emailing and texting your clients requesting them to leave a review for your company.  There is a $40 set up cost and then a $50-$100 per month fee depending on how many reviews you are wanting to collect each month.

Posting Pricing

We post to social media on behalf of our clients.  This is included in our SEO service but is also available as a stand-alone service.  Contact us and let us know how many posts you would like to be made each week and on which platforms for a custom quote.

Blog Writing Pricing

Content creation gets time-consuming and if you aren’t optimizing your blog posts for SEO, there is really no reason to write a blog post.  We charge $0.15 per word under 1,500 words, $0.10 a word from 1,500 to 2,500 words, and $0.075 per word over 2500 words.

Pricing and Service Details

Domain and hosting:

Your Domain – This is ‘www.yoursite.com.’  You need to own your domain to have a website.  Every domain is unique.

Hosting – A web host is a server that houses all of your website’s files.  We someone goes to your website domain, the browser will check your host for the files to display your site.  You must have web hosting in place for your website to populate online.  We provide our clients with web hosting via our dedicated server at Amazon AWS for speed and security.

We include purchasing your domain in NameCheap.com.  If you have an existing domain, it can certainly be used.  We offer our web design and re-design clients free hosting for 1-year also.  After the first year, we charge $175 per year for hosting.

Once your website is paid in full, you will be granted access to your website domain, hosting (cPanel), and back end (WordPress login).

Website creation:  Design

The process: We will provide you with a document to collect all of the information we need to know to enable us to build a website for your company that accurately represents your company.  It is a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ type format and since you are the business owner, you will more than likely just rattle this information off.  If you don’t want to type in all your information, we can go through the document together on a phone call in which we can takes notes.

Regarding the look and feel of the website

We prefer to use your original pictures.  If you do not have pictures or enough for your entire website, we can source images in a number of various ways.

Our clients are more than welcome to supply as much or as little text for use on the web pages.  It is completely up to you how involved you would like to be with this portion of your website design.

Every website we build is built to display properly on all device types and screen sizes: phones, tablets, and computers.

It usually makes the most sense to pull colors from your logo and use them as the color scheme throughout your website.  Often, our clients do not have a logo or do not have high res versions of their logo.  We can create a basic but professional logo as part of our web design service if need be.

Web development:  Functionality and Performance

Regarding the features, your website will include and optimizations for search engines –

SEO items included with every website design, re-design, or update

  • Keyword research – We’ll use various tools to identify what people are actually typing into Google when looking for a business like yours and then strategically use these in numerous places throughout your website.
  • URL Structure – This refers to what comes after the .com/end to your website domain. Getting this structure right from the beginning is crucial to your website’s short- and long-term success.
  • Page Titles – This is the ‘headline’ you see in the search results for each web page listed. We set a unique page title for each page with a focus on sticking out from the crowd in the search results.
  • Meta descriptions – This is the sentence or two below the Page Title in the search results. These are optimized to catch the searcher’s eye by including ‘Call To Action’ statements and keywords/keyword variations which will be highlighted if the searched used similar words in their search query.
  • H Tags – These are the headlines of your web pages. H tags range from H1 to H6.  The H1 tag should be exactly what the page is about and H2-H6 should all support and build on the topic of the H1 tag.
  • Copy – The words used in the sentences or paragraphs under each headline are referred to as copy. We optimize copy to include lots of keywords and variations while providing the reader with all of the information they need to know to make their decision as to if they are going to contact your company or not.
  • File Names – Every image added to your website will be named with a keyword-relevant to the images/page it will be placed on.
  • Image Compression – We compress every image on our websites to shrink the size down to as small as possible and increase page load times.
  • Alt tags – Every image should have an alt tag populated that describes the image for screen readers. These are also referenced by search engines for SEO purposes.
  • Internal linking – Pages that are related will be linked together with clickable links. This provides a great user experience along with giving better context to the structure of your site to the search engines.
  • External linking – We link to external websites when applicable. By associating your web page with a trustworthy and information-packed web page on that same topic on another website, you clarify what your web page is about even more for the search engines.  We always make external links open in a new tab.
  • Schema Markup – Also called ‘structured data,’ Schema Markup provides the content of a web page or part of a web page to the search engines in a code format they can quickly read and it gives them a crystal-clear picture of what it is about. This is how you become the ‘voice’ response on Alexa or Siri and much more.  We markup your website, business, services, reviews, FAQs, and possibly more depending on if there is another type of Schema that would provide value to you.

External Web Properties

There is much more to finding success online than simply building a website.  Our goal is to set our clients up for success so we always include setting up the following tools, listings, and social accounts.  If any are already in place, we will complete the profile if needed or optimize it for SEO.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Yelp
  • Nextdoor
  • Angie’s List
  • BBB

Company Email

We prefer to set our clients up with Zoho for a free company email on a very easy to use platform.  An example would be:  yourname@yoursite.com

Another option we have is POP3 porting company emails from our server into your existing Gmail.  If you go this route, you will have a toggled dropdown which allows you to select which email to send as.  Your Gmail will still work as it always has, but now you will be able to also send and receive emails to your company email in a single inbox.

*If you do not want to use Gmail or Zoho, getting your company email in place and troubleshooting form submission errors are your responsibility.  We can do it, but it is our least favorite thing to do as it is a very slow, frustrating process.  Our rate for hooking up any other type of email is $200 per hour.  We highly recommend using one of our recommendations which are included for free!

Cost of Our Website Design/Re-Design Services

For all of the services described above, our ‘website design’ services start at $1,500.  We simply cannot get everything optimized and implemented for less.  We strongly recommend each service has its own webpage as search engines rank web pages, not websites.  When each service has its own page, the cost is $2,500.

We prefer to do half upfront to get started and the final half upon completion to your satisfaction.  If needed, we can arrange equal monthly payments for a set period of up to 6 months.  If making payments, please remember you will not have access to your site until it is paid in full.

What pages are included?

At a minimum, your site will have a home page, services page, about page, FAQ page, contact us, estimate/quote, thank you, and privacy policy.

Pages to be included if applicable to your business include a reviews page and gallery page

We recommend housing each service on an individual page as well.

Ongoing ‘SEO’ or marketing services in general –

When we build your site, everything that can be done as far as SEO goes will be done as described above.  We’d love to continue to work with you and make improvements to your web and online presence over time.

Often, we build our clients their first website.  In this case, there is no analytic data for us to reference!  Even when we work with clients with existing websites, they often did not have all of the analytic tools in place.  This also leaves us with little to no data to work with!

Our recommendations for getting more from your website:

  • Build more citations
  • Email your clients regularly
  • Run Google Ads
  • Create content
  • Request reviews – especially Google reviews
  • Keep your site updated – WordPress, the Theme, and Plugins
  • Build your backlink profile

Cost of ongoing services

We try to be as flexible as possible with our existing clients when it comes to ongoing services.  We recommend hopping on our $500/mo plan which would allow us to complete everything noted above within the first year.  The cost of Google Ads is not included in the $250/mo price.

If you aren’t going to have us perform these ongoing services, we highly recommend you do something!  Whether that means learning how to do them or use another service like ours.  There is going to be a huge difference in performance depending on whether these items get performed or not!

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