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Website Design Pricing

What does a new website or website redesign cost?

Our website design and re-design starts at $3,500.  Please note we will never ‘just build a website!’  Much more is included besides the website itself.

To us, a website is worthless without many other things being set up and optimized to complement it.  Every new website design or website redesign also includes domain management, web hosting, company emails, the connection of all Google and Bing properties for website owners, optimizing major citation/directory listings, and of course, all SEO tasks that can be performed at that time.

We can also include setting up your Google Ads account & get you a credit from Google for ad spend for an additional $300 if we build or re-build your site.

If you don’t need your website to perform, it’s just for informational purposes; services start as low as $1,250 for a 1-3 page website.

For larger projects, initial costs can be as much as $5,000-$6,000.  This would be for businesses with multiple locations, eCommerce websites, or websites needing specific functionality.

What does SEO cost?

On average, SEO costs $500 per month.

We have some clients on a $250 per month ongoing SEO plan and some on a $1,000 per month SEO plan.  We also offer SEO in ‘blocks’ at $1,500 per block.

What we do for SEO depends on what our client currently has in place online.  The first thing we check is that all Google and Bing webmaster tools are set up properly and collecting analytic data.  This data is specific to how the major search engines currently interpret your website and how people are currently engaging your website – it is invaluable data to us!

Next, we implement any on-page or technical SEO services that are currently missing or that was implemented incorrectly.

Then we make sure your business’s NAP (Name, Address, & Phone) are on all major citation and directory listing sites.  Google My Business is the most important, Yelp is usually #2.

Blogging is where the results lie.  Blog posts allow us to provide the search engines with much more info about your business that doesn’t really fit on an individual service’s page on your site for example.  Strategic, informative, and well-written blog posts can dramatically increase traffic to a website building its authority and naturally leads to better ranking and more leads for our clients.

SEO Pricing

Google Ads Pricing

How much do Google Ads cost?

You set the budget for your Google Ads account.  We recommend a minimum budget of $5 per day but that may not be enough.  The owner of Optimized SEO and Websites spends $1,000 per month on Google Shopping Ads to drive traffic to his eCommerce store.  We practice what we preach!

Ask us about how we can get you free Google Ads to get you started!  The current offer from Google is up to a $500 match for ad spend in the 1st 60 days of opening a new account.  Spend $500, get $500 worth of ads for free from Google!

Google Ads complements SEO so well we wrap it into our SEO services.  To engage our Google Ads services you need to be on an SEO plan with us.

We charge $500 to create a new Google Ads account, fully set it up, and create ads.  This also includes use hopping back on your account at the 14 and 28 day mark to apply Google’s recommendations if they make sense and to categorize search terms as keywords or negative keywords. We will also get you whatever the best promotion Google is currently offering for new Google Ads accounts.

Itemized Web Agency Pricing

Here are some other prices for services we offer.

  • Domain management and web hosting – $175/yr – includes the cost of your domain’s yearly renewal, web hosting for the next 12 months, domain privacy, and an SSL certificate.  *We include this free for 1-year after building your site or redesigning your site!
  • Logo design – This would be included with your SEO service or website design/redesign service if needed.
  • Review fetching – This would be part of your SEO service.
  • Email marketing – This would also be part of your SEO service.
  • Profile management and posting – This would again be part of your SEO service.

Additional Pricing

That’s It

We try to keep things relatively simple here while working in a complex and ever-changing online environment.

If you are ready to have a quick conversation about engaging our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.