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Pricing and Details

Now that you know the gist of what we include with our website service, let us get you more information about the cost of our service and what it is like working with us.

Call us.  Let’s talk!

We Need A Realistic Budget To Produce Results

The bottom line is we have passive income websites that we own and they generate enough money for us to no longer need to offer our services to other businesses.

We only want to work with serious business owners wanting to aggressively market their businesses.

Marketing Pricing

To engage our services requires a $16,160.50 investment over a 12 month period

This breaks down to $2,525.25 to get started and 1 month later, then 10 additional monthly payments of $1,111.11 with a credit card on file.

If our pricing is not within your budget, we understand.  If you are still interested, read on as we actually include more than stated on our homepage where we briefly covered our 11-step approach to successfully marketing a local service business online.

Our 11-step approach encompasses a lot but we include much more

Over and beyond what is covered in our 11-step approach briefing are some basic things like the cost of your domain renewal, domain privacy, web hosting, an SSL certificate, and company emails.

The website we build or redesign for you will be a minimum of 28 pages from day 1.  Search engines rank web pages, not websites, so we make sure your website has a page for all of your major keywords right off the bat.  We didn’t touch on backlinks either, but we will get you at least a handful of quality backlinks during our service.

Images, Logos, and Icons

All of the images you provide to us will be edited in Adobe Lightroom before they ever hit the web so they look their absolute best and if your logo needs to be updated or modified, or you need a logo, that is also included.  We can fetch premium stock images if needed but we much prefer to use original photos from the business.  Will will fetch or create custom icons for use on your website


We write the copy!  All we need from you is accurate information, leave it to us to put the words on the pages of your website!  The site will have a minimum of 3 blog posts before it goes live and we will write at least 1 blog post per month during the year-long engagement.

We Foot The Bill

Our marketing service is designed to be all-inclusive although you may want to spend more on Google Ads over and beyond what we include.  The first $1,000 dollars of ad spend is on us, not an additional cost to you.

We use two 3rd party services during our service.  One service we use to automate the review fetching process and the other to build out your citations.  Nothing else is outsourced and we’ve been using these 2 particular services for many years without a single issue and they work like a charm.

We Will Teach You Or Your Team

There is a good chance after the 12 month engagement is up, you will not ever need to hire another internet marketing service again! Heck, you may not even need to continue using our service. The reason being we also include 7 hours of screen share training which should be plenty to show yourself or members of your team how to maintain and continue what we have been doing!  If you are local to the Cincinnati area, we can meet in person instead of screen sharing…

More Than Meets The Eye

What We’ll Need From You

Our goal is to take up as little of your time as possible but some participation will be required

We simply need to fully understand your business and its goals to do our job properly.  Step 1 involves you completing our onboarding survey which will collect the bulk of the information we will need.   Step 2 is at least 1 phone call follow up after receiving the onboarding survey back from you to discuss it in more detail.

We need access to anything you currently already have in place and can assist with this process.

We’ll need photographs, lots of photographs!  The web is visual and nothing can better represent your business than actual photographs of your business.  We have an easy to use file share system in place to facilitate this and can also use DropBox or Google Drive.  Along with photographs, we’ll need your logo, printed marketing material, and any videos you may have.

We’ll want to hop on a call monthly to touch base and get any updates you have as far as changes to your business in general and seasonality type changes.

Finally, you will want to utilize our 7 hours of screen share walkthroughs so you and your team can be fully up to speed on how to add and edit content on your website, access and understand the analytic data Google and Bing are collecting, and how to get the most all of your directory listings.

That’s It

We try to keep things relatively simple here while working in a complex and ever-changing online environment.

If you are ready to have a quick conversation about engaging our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.