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The 4 Best Ways to Use a Direct Google Review Link

If you own business, then you know how important online reviews are for your business!  And specifically, Google reviews when it comes to improving your SEO.  If you have ever attempted to create a direct Google review link, you probably were surprised at how difficult this seemingly easy task can be.  Not anymore!

Google now provides you with a direct review link within Google My Business.

The Value of a Direct Google Review Link

Why should you bother to create and use a direct link for someone to leave you a Google review?  Because people are lazy!  And, the majority of people are quick to leave a negative review, but the thought of leaving a positive review rarely crosses their mind.  Your link will certainly be a reminder, but more importantly, it will take the friction out of this process for the person leaving you the review.

Where are the best places to use my Google review link?

  1.  Your Email Signature
  2. Email or SMS Review Fetching Campaigns
  3. On Your Website
  4. On Social Media

Get More Review with your Email Signature

Put your email to work for you!  Create a professional, well-designed email signature that contains all of the typical information you would expect any email signature to have.   This information should include your name, your business’ name, a link to your website, and your contact info at the very least!  I like to take it a couple steps further!  Insert your business’ logo below all of this info and then finish it off with a P.S.  message.  For some reason, P.S.’s tend to get read.  It is just a fact!

In your P.S. message, ask your client’s for a review and insert your direct link as a hyperlink as shown below.  If you are emailing someone that you feel this addition to your email signature would be inappropriate or not well received, simple delete is from that email!  I have been doing this for years and can attest that it works!


Review Fetching Campaigns

The best way to get reviews is by asking for them!  That seems straightforward enough.  This works best with clients that you know are happy with your service.  That may have gone without saying…but hey!  By putting your direct link in your email signature, you are passively asking for them to leave you a review.  If you want to be a little more brazen with your review fetching efforts, consider a dedicated email or SMS review fetching campaign.

If you are not using email marketing as a part of your marketing arsenal, well, it is time to start!  Email is not dead no matter what anyone says.  Draft a well-crafted email or text template using merge codes to personalize the emails with the receivers first name.  Any reputable email service will offer this functionality.

In your template, be precise and to the point.  Thank your client for their business and then ask them to leave you a review.  Don’t abuse this route.  Strategically send these emails out on an infrequent periodic basic and be sure to update your list so once a client leaves you a review, they no longer will receive these emails or SMS messages!

How to Use Direct Google Review Links on Your Website

There are a couple uses for your direct link on your website that can yield good results.  The most obvious to us is dedicated places on your website where you know existing clients will be visiting.  If you have a page or portal for clients to pay their invoice, this would be perfect!

Also, if you have content pages that provide a lot of value to your audience, consider dropping the link in there as well.  You can do this in the form of a button, a clickable image, or a hyperlink.

Here is a perfect example:

If you found this article valuable, please consider letting us know by leaving us a Google review!

Leave Optimized a Google Review

You can also consider using this link in your footer, on certain landing pages, and wherever you are giving away freebies to your audience.

Direct Google Review Links and Social Media

The final place we see a big benefit for your newly created direct link is on social media.  Facebook is always the 1st social media platform that comes to mind.  You can use your link in the post itself, or create a post thanking your clients and put the link in the first comment.  It is highly recommended to use a URL shortener when using your link on social media.  This will not only shorten your link but will also make it much less spammy looking and you will have the option to customize the URL slug.

If you take advantage of YouTube, leave your shortened link in your video descriptions.  If you are utilizing Instagram, put the link in your bio.


So, what do you think?  Do you see value in properly using a direct Google link?  Did you find this article helpful?  Please let us know in the comments and share this with your fellow business owners!

We are here to help if you need us.

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