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Web Development

Web Development is where we shine.  So many ‘web designers’ hand their clients a shell of a website leaving them with little to no chance of succeeding online.  You cannot look at a website and tell if it is a good website!  There is so much more to gaining traction online than a pretty website.

Web Development Versus Web Design

Web design typically refers to just that, designing a website.  It often does not include optimizing the website to rank organically, convert visitors into leads, or include any additional integrations of any sort.  If, you hire us to ‘design your website,’ we always include more than just a website design…

Web development includes much more than website design by itself.  Many web development tasks we perform include fully connecting our clients’ websites to Google and Bing, integrating with 3rd party tools such as CRMs, and many other more technical items such as automation.

Complete Web Development

Absolutely, your website is, or at least should be, the cornerstone of your on and offline marketing efforts.

Marketing efforts that should point to your website: 

  • Networking
  • Business Cards
  • Post Cards
  • Door Hangers
  • Yard Signs
  • Radio Ads
  • TV Ads
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Online Ads
  • Social Profiles
  • Directory Listings
  • Emails
  • Phone Calls
  • Text Messages
  • Direct Messages
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Domain Management

We run into clients all the time that don’t know how to access their domain.  There are 2 things you have to have in order to have a website that populates on the internet with people visit your URL:

  • Own the domain
  • Web hosting
NameCheap Domain Registrar

We recommend NameCheap as your domain registrar.  It is easy enough for a beginner to navigate and robust enough for a web developer to do everything they need to do on the back end.

Pro tip:  Stay away from GoDaddy as if they are the plague!

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Hosting is completely separate from your domain.  In order for your website to populate online, you need to have that domain’s website files hosted on a server.  When someone visits your domain, the browser calls your domain’s server, retrieves the website’s files, and your website populates on their screen.

We host our client’s sites on a dedicated AWS server optimized for security and extremely fast page load speed.

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Additional Online Properties

Even when it comes to marketing your business online, your website is not the end all be all.  For many local businesses, our niche, your Google My Business is going to be relatively close in importance to your overall presence in the Google search results.

Let’s face it.  There are other search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo, but they are so far behind Google it is not funny.

Facebook Logo


We don’t care for Facebook as much as the next person!

But, it is a necessary evil when it comes to getting the most out of your online presence.  For most businesses, we don’t recommend spending much time or money on Facebook, but it is important to fully populate this social profile for your business.

YouTube would be a much better social medium to invest time and money in if you want to get found online.



Yelp is an example of a major directory site.  Others include Manta, Hotfrog, Angie’s List, and there are literally thousands more.

We have found 30 directory listings to be a threshold where noticable improved rankings occur.  All directory listings are not created equal and some apply to some industries and not others.

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