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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is literally in our business name.  Our clients’ website’s ability to rank in the search results is at the top of our minds with everything we do online for our clients.  We are thinking of SEO as we are designing websites when it comes to headlines, page titles, file names, and so much more.  If you have a website that is not performing, let us hit it with some good old-fashioned SEO!

Organic Search Ranking
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In-House SEO Services

We build search engine friendly websites or make the changes needed to make an existing website rank in the search results.

There are now over 400 confirmed organic ranking factors.  We know and understand them.  Some are going to be more valuable to your specific needs.  Let us navigate the plethora of possible things that can be done to identify which is going to provide you with the greatest ROI.

When you hire us to perform your SEO, our employees do the work in-house.

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Types of SEO

Our SEO services include on-page, off-page, and technical optimizations.

On-page SEO refers to things you can see on the live version of your website.

Off-page SEO are optimizations that occur on other websites or your external internet properties such as social and directory sites.

Technical SEO is the optimizations made to the code strictly for search engines to better understand your website.

We cover these types of website optimizations in more detail below.

Google Search Improvement
Google Search

Search for Beginners

Want to learn more about how SEO and Google’s search works straight from Google? You are in luck! Google recently began a free video tutorial series on YouTube to teach people how search engine optimization really works.

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Cincinnati SEO

Optimized SEO and Websites provides organic search optimization services for numerous businesses in the Greater Cincinnati Area from yoga studios to insurance companies to physical therapists.

We work with lawn and landscape companies across the US and would love to start serving other industries on a nationwide scale.

on-site seo services

On-Site SEO

The words and images used on your website certainly play a role in getting your website found online. This is very basic search engine optimization.

A great deal of research is performed to determine which keywords to focus on and they are used on the front and back end of your website in places like H tags, alt tags, and schema markup.

Off-site SEO Services

Off-Site SEO

Many people may not realize a lot of the success of your website depends on things that actually occur off your website itself.

These include but are not limited to online reviews, social engagement, and citation directory listings. Search optimization has more to do with your ‘online presence’ as a whole, not just your website.

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a combination of on-site and off-site and it really does take years of learning and experience to master technical SEO.

Off-site and technical SEO are strong factors in how well your website ranks but they can also easily be abused and cause your website to be penalized or blacklisted.

Compliment Search Optimizations With Ads

We highly recommend investing heavily in optimizing to rank in the search results organically when you are getting your business established online.  Once you are established and consistently on the 1st page of Google for numerous keywords valuable to your business, consider ads when you are ready to be seriously inundated with leads quickly.

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