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Search Engine Optimization

We offer 2 options for utilizing our SEO services:

  1. 1-Time Service (aka = `a la carte)
  2. Monthly Recurring Service

We have to recommend going with a monthly plan simply due to the nature of SEO and the shear vastness of the internet.

But, if a monthly recurring budget for marketing is not in your business’ budget, strategically picking `a la carte services can certainly provide a boost!  We are happy to help you determine which service would get you the greatest ROI in the shortest amount of time.

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Why SEO Trumps All Other Marketing Methods

We know that is a bold statement!  Let us explain…

First, before we get any further along, getting your website to the top of Google does very little if your website is not enticing visitors to take your desired action.  By desired action we mean, pick up the phone and call your business, complete a contact form, sign up for your newsletter, or purchase your product or service directly from your website.  Whatever the desired action is you would like visitors to your site to make.

That is why we refer to our service as Online Presence Management.  We focus on SEO with the understanding that there is much more that goes into it if a positive ROI is expected.  Our experienced team of web developers have marketing degrees, computer science degrees, and have built and sold businesses.  Let us put our specialized knowledge to work for you, so you can continue to improve your business and not get sidetracked by pixels and passwords.

3 Reasons SEO is the WAY TO GO


3 Reasons SEO is the WAY TO GO


It's Sticky

Huh?  When best practices are followed when implementing SEO tactics the results last for a LONG TIME!  Yes…the search engine algorithms will change over time and this can affect ranking positions, but no other form of marketing has anywhere near this kind of lingering effect.  Nobody can throw this postcard in the trashcan!


When it Counts

Someone is searching for your service in your area at this very moment.  Can you possibly think of a better time to be in front of that person?  We didn’t think so!  Advertisements are great and certainly should play a part in your marketing efforts, but just imagine the power of being top of mind when someone is ready to buy!


Around the clock

Even your best employee needs a break.  Heck, even you need a break from time to time.  Your website does not.  When your internet presence is fully optimized you have a selling machine working for you 24/7/365.  And we would be willing to bet your website, and your internet presence as a whole, will be the lowest paid employee on your team.

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Why hire an SEO service?

I think we can safely bet you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the intimidating array of tools available to optimize your business’ internet presence.  We can’t blame you and used to feel the same way.  Mastering all of these would take years!  Heck, we can’t even say we have mastered some of them.  It is always a continuous learning process to navigate the everchanging landscape online.

We are here to focus on your pixels and passwords so you can stay focused on growing your business through system implementation, strengthening relationships with clients, and employee development.  Call us right now and let’s talk about what we can do for you.  There are a lot of leads searching for you at this very moment.

If you insist on doing it yourself or just want to know more about marketing your business online, check out our YouTube Channel on SEO and Marketing your Business Online.

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