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Online Presence Management

Please don’t think slapping a website online is going to magically start an endless flow of leads to fuel your business’ growth.  Recent studies estimate 100,000 websites go live on the internet every single day.  You are going to need to do more than ‘have a website’ to succeed online in 2020 and beyond.

Online Review Fetching

Online Reputation Management

Reviews are huge!  Particularly Google reviews which are left on your Google My Business profile.

Online reviews are especially important for local businesses as potential clients overwhelmingly agree they want to see numerous 5-star reviews before contacting a local business.

Insurance Business Online Presence Management

Email Campaign Setup and Execution

MailChimp is just one option when it comes to an email service.  This is nothing like Gmail or Outlook.  You still need a ‘regular’ email, and we highly recommend you use a company email instead of a Gmail or Outlook email for business purposes.

Email campaigns can be automated using a service like MailChimp.  Email is a great way to stay at the top of minds of current clients or people that are interested in your products or services.

We love MailChimp because they have the best ‘free plan’ out of any of these email campaign platforms.  You can have up to 2,000 contacts on your email list and send up to 12,000 emails on their free plan.

MailChimp Campaign Services
Backyard after a mowing service.

Citation Building and Monitoring

We have come to find many business owners are in the dark when it comes to the importance of building citations.  Building citations is the same thing as getting your business on online business directories.

Yelp is a major citation platform.  Bing actually uses Yelp’s reviews in their search results.  Google uses their inhouse Google My Business reviews in their search results.

Social Management

Social Media Management

We aren’t huge on social media.  In our opinion, people are on social sites, especially Instagram and Facebook to kill time, snoop on acquaintances, or whatever other time-wasting activity you want to throw in there…

With that said, it is important to maintain some kind of presence on Facebook.

YouTube is an important social platform when it comes to SEO.  Since Google owns YouTube, anything you do on YouTube, Google is sure to note.

Cyber Security Service

Cyber Security

Optimized SEO and Websites has 2 cyber security experts on their staff.  Ivan and Noah both graduated from NKU with cyber security majors among other computer related majors and minors.  They are super smart kids.

They are what is called, ‘ethical hackers,’ because they get permission to hack into companies’ websites, then resolve the gaps in the websites’ security so a real hacker cannot do the same.

Noah performed his internship at G.E. in Evandale.

Online Business Property Management

Complete Web Presence Management

Most of our clients are not computer savvy to say the least!  They are not comfortable performing any of the services we offer for their own business.

We have a handful of clients that do want to perform certain aspects of their online presence and we highly encourage that.

No matter which boat you fall in, we can provide value and insight to get you the results you are looking for from your online presence.

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