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Google Ads Service Details

Optimized SEO and Websites is on track to become a Google Partner in 2020.  Until then, you can enjoy the expertise of a Google Partner without the price a Google Partner charges.

Marketing Small Business Online

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

We are bullish on Google Ads over Facebook Ads.

Not to say at all that Facebook Ads do not work.

For our current clients, Google Ads is providing a much better ROI.

Think about it, when you are advertising on Facebook, you are essentially forcing your ad in front of someone.  Yeah…you can target people that are probably interested in your product or service most of the time, but you have no idea if they are in the market to purchase!

People are on Google looking to get answers to questions, solve a problem, buy something, or find a service provider.  This is when you want to be in front that person.

Google Ads Versus Facebook Ads

Google Ads Credit

We get our clients $100 in free ad spend on Google.  That is, $100 ad spend credit after spending $100 in the 1st 30 days of opening their account.

We completely set up their account, then make multiple versions of ads.  We typically start off with 9 different ads to test and measure.

The real secret to success when advertising on Google besides targeting properly is utilizing the ad extensions!

PPC Advertising Services

Cincinnati Advertising Agency

Whether you have never run Google Ads, you are currently running Google Ads inhouse, or you are using another marketing agency to run your ads, we’d love to talk.

Work with a local company right here in Cincinnati.  Let’s build a relationship and grow your business together.

PPC Ad Managers

PPC Management Services

Pay-Per-Click is a term often used to describe advertising online.

Think about that term, pay per click…Yes, in fact, you are only charged when someone ‘clicks’ your ad.  If you have targeted and setup your ads properly, only people that should need your product or service will see your ad.

If no one clicks, you are not charged!  Let’s brand your business on the cheap!

Ads or SEO?

Glad you asked!  We recommend ads to compliment your SEO efforts.  The reasoning behind this is because the second you decide to stop paying for ads, you can no longer benefit from them!

When SEO is performed following best practices, the only way we will do it, the effects will last for years to come even after you stop paying for SEO services.

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