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Types of Google Ads

How our Google Ads service works:

We specialize in Google Search Ads. These are the ads you see at the top of the Google search results page.

You’ll provide us with some basic information from you as far as which specific products or services you’d like to promote and how to properly target your ideal customer; age, geographic area, and so on.

We create a fresh Google Ads account on your behalf which you will own.

We grab you a $100 Google Ads credit which will be applied to your second month’s invoice from Google.

We set up your account to ensure only people actively searching for your product or service within your service area can possibly be served your ads. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

A huge bonus of running Google Ads is all of the free branding you receive when your ad is shown but not clicked on. Another benefit is all of the keyword insights you receive from within your Google Ads account.

Why Google Search Ads?

We are bullish on Google Search Ads because this type of ad puts your ad in front of people actively showing interest in your product or service.

We cover the other types of Google Ads we run below. The reason we choose to advertise on Google instead of Facebook, for example, is because people are typically not on Facebook with the ‘ready to buy’ mindset.

Other Types of Google ads

We always start off with Google Search Ads but over time we can incorporate other types of Google Ads.

Our next 2 favorite types of Google Ads are Remarketing Display Ads and TrueView Ads.

Remarketing Ads

Google offers a type of ad referred to as remarketing. These are graphic ads, not just text-based like search ads, and follow users around the internet after visiting your website, a competitor’s website, or showing certain purchasing intent based on their searches and websites they’ve recently visited.

TrueView Ads

Have you have been seen an ad while attempting to watch a YouTube video? These are TrueView Ads.

The best part about TrueView Ads is that you only get charged if 30 seconds or more of your ad is viewed! Talk about branding once again…

With the ability to show your ad only on specific YouTube channels and even specific YouTube videos, you can imagine how effective these ads can be.

How much do Google Ads cost?

We charge $200 to set up a new Google Ads account and we get you a $100 Google Ads credit by creating your ads account within our Google Ads Manager dashboard.  It is 100% your Google Ads account, we are simply the manager.  We also create 9 versions of ads designed to ‘hit home’ when people that are searching for your product or service see your ad.

Set up includes geographic targeting, demographic targeting, conversion tracking, device optimization, scheduled ads, all applicable extensions, keyword research, and negative keyword inputs.

We also hop on your Google Ads account 1x per week for the 1st month to make adjustments as we get feedback from Google on how to improve the ads and lower the cost per click.

If you would like us to continue to manage your ads after the 1st month, we will agree on a monthly price based on your monthly ad spend and any additional ad types we will create.

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