Small Business Web Services

Web Services

Simplify the marketing of your business by delegating that task to Optimized SEO and Websites.  We offer complete marketing solutions, including printed material for our clients.  Online marketing is the most cost effective way to reach the largest number of ideal potential new clients, so we focus on that.

Online Marketing Experts

Hear what our clients are saying!

We simply get our clients results online by thoroughly getting to know their business, market, and direct competitors.

We identify why your competitors are currently getting more exposure online and fill that gap.  Since search engines are algorithms, they really have no choice but to reward our clients with a higher ranking in the search results.

Our core online marketing services are listed below in more detail, we also:

  • Offer Cyber Security Services
  • Manage Email Campaigns
  • Manage Social Accounts
  • Set Up Company Emails
  • Build Citations
  • Fetch Reviews
  • Host Websites
  • Consult

(Many of these are included within our core services.)

Web Presence Development


Complete development of your business’ online presence from the ground up.  We also clean up sloppy work performed by less ethical internet marketing companies.

Website Graphics Design


Clean.  Simple.  Effective.

This is what is working in 2020.  Website design with a clear call to action will get you the results you want.



SEO is a long term play although results are noticed within months.

Advertising on Google can literally get your phone ringing today.



You may be wondering what all this ‘organic’ stuff is…it simply refers to the ‘natural’ way, if you will, to get your website in the search results.  Organic SEO is the backbone of a strong internet presence.



Pixels and passwords can get overwhelming quickly, and Google’s web management tools are not known for their easy to navigate interfaces!  Focus on your business, we got the internet.

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