SEO Quiz

We’ve prepared an SEO quiz to allow you to determine if it is worth contacting us or not in under 5 minutes.

We focus on SEO as this is ‘free’ and lasts for a long time when done properly.

We perform all sorts of online and even offline marketing for our clients.  We are not solely an SEO company.

Before you take the SEO Quiz

Upon completion of the quiz, less than 5 minutes from now, you will get instant feedback WITHOUT even contacting us.

Please feel free to take our expert advice and use it to optimize your website so you can get found more often online.

If you would like to hire us to perform marketing services for your business, we’d love to chat.

SEO Quiz Grading Scale

There are 23 questions on the quiz, most are multiple choice.

The questions each have a value associated with them and total 200 possible points.

If you score under 75, please contact us for your business’s bank account’s sake!

If you score between 80 and 160 you are doing a good job or have hired quality website and SEO services in the past.  We’d still encourage you to contact us to see just how much more the web could be producing for your business.

165+ scores means your website and online presence is pretty well optimized.  SEO and marketing your business never stops.  Well, you can, but your competition isn’t going to.  We’d still love to chat and would especially like to know who performed web services in the past.  We are always looking for connect with our competition, but 95% of them seem to be frauds or located in India.  Just saying…it’s the truth.