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Ryan Sciamanna is an entrepreneur in Greater Cincinnati. He started his 1st business in 2009 & sold it in 2018. He's been playing around on the internet ever since making passive income & providing web services to businesses.
We are currently running Google ads for a CPA client of ours in Cincinnati, OH looking to hire tax managers and tax seniors specifically.  We highly recommend Sheldon Reder CPAs for your personal or business accounting needs.  They work with individuals and companies across the US with a focus on serving the Greater Cincinnati area.

Are you a CPA looking seeking employment in Cincinnati?  Learn more about the accounting job postings available at Sheldon Reder.

We kind of have our hands tied as far as what we can do to this client’s website.  They used an ‘accounting specific’ website company that uses their propitiatory software as the CMS (content management system).  We are less than impressed by their CMS to say the least and highly recommend you do not use a website service like this.  As soon as Sheldon Reder stops paying their high monthly fees for their website, they will no longer have a website at all because of the ‘propitiatory’ BS that runs the website.

Web Pages For Job Postings

I did want to clarify, we do not build the pages out for the job listings you see on Sheldon Reder’s website.  They have an in-house employee that we consult with.  He handles the stuff he is comfortable with and then will sometimes ask for advice on what improvements could be made.  That is exactly what happened here.

Optimizing Job Posting Web Pages

The text within the gray box below is my email to Will Kruer at Sheldon Reder.  I did add headlines to my original email for SEO purposes in this blog!  LOL – you can’t take the SEO out of an SEO!

Hey Will,

Had something come up yesterday I had to move fast on. My apologies for the delay.

Feel free to call me or email me back with any questions.

Here are some tips:


URL Structure

Ask CPA solutions to 301 redirect your new pages for all that show /custom#.php after the .com.

For example: Full Time Opportunities Page is currently: https://sheldonreder.com/custom4.php – request this to be re-directed to https://sheldonreder.com/employment_opportunities/full-time.php

If the page isn’t an employment opportunity page, then just have the direct go to whatever makes sense immediately after the .com.


Google My Business Posts

Create offers and posts in Google My Business about the positions available.


H Tag Optimization

Install the SEOquake Chrome extension. It will create a little icon to the right of the URL bar on Chrome. On any web page you can click that icon and get a quick SEO check for that page. On the pages you are most worried about, run that tool, like the full time employment page…

Here are the current H tags for the full time employment page:

  • <H1>: Full Time Opportunities
  • <H1>: Full Time Opportunities
  • <H1>: Job Posting
  • <H1>: Job Posting Full-time
  • <H1>: Job Posting Full-time
  • <H1>: Job Posting
  • <H2>: Staff and Entry Level Associate Job in Cincinnati, OH
  • <H2>: Tax Senior Job in Cincinnati, OH
  • <H2>: Tax Manager Job in Cincinnati, OH
  • <H2>: Accountant Job in Cincinnati, OH
  • <H3>: In This Section:
  • <H3>: Quick Links:

A web page should have 1, and only 1 H1 tag.  It currently has 6.

To edit, navigate to the back end of your site where you created this page. Use CTR+F to bring up the find tool and search for h1, h2, etc to quickly find them in the code. Make sure to change the opening and closing tag.

Example: <H1>your live site displayed H1 is between</H1> to <H2>your live site displayed H1 is between</H2> — The tags ‘wrap’ the element always…

To change them, just replace the number after the H. My recommendation for this page specifically would be to search for the H3 tags and swap them to H4’s. Then, H2’s to H3’s, then leave the top H1 and make the rest H2’s or paragraph text. Paragraph text using these tags: <p></p> If you want the other H1’s to look like headlines and actually just be paragraph text, that is fine. To make them bold, it is as simple as wrapping the words you want bold in <b></b> tags.

If you want the font larger on the paragraph text, use this: <p style=”font-size: 30px”>old H1 between</p> — you can change the # to whatever, but I would recommend 35 max so it displays properly on mobile…There is a better way to write CCS (the style tag) but I do not know if you can on your website. That would allow you to change the font size based on the device they are viewing the web page on.

If you see this: <H1 class=”pageTitle”> the H one tag </H1> — Still just change the numbers, leave the rest as is!


Job Posting Schema Markup

Adding schema markup would be crucial but way more advanced, the tool makes it relatively easy. At least much easier!

Here is Google’s documentation specific to job postings: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/job-posting

This tool spits out the code for you after you enter the inputs: https://technicalseo.com/tools/schema-markup-generator/

You would just paste this code ideally at the top of the page, but bottom is fine, on the back end, same place you would be changing the H tags/creating a new page.

That would be my plan of attack sir!

How To Get Job Postings To Rank Conclusion

Hopefully all of this information made sense.  If not, that is a good sign you may not know enough about SEO to handle your business’ online presence!

All I know is ‘being good at the internet’ has put well over $2M  in my bank account over the years and it frustrates the hell out of me when business owners attempt to ‘to it themselves’ and don’t get results.

I am a real person making a very comfortable living off the internet.  Yes.  I have eCommerce stores generating passive income, affiliate commisions, YouTube and Amazon pay me monthly, and other random income streams I have created over the years.

Hands down my favorite thing to do is to work with a business in a position to grow and knows a reasonable budget will be needed to get results.  They have proven to be hard to find!

If you are one of the few businesses out there that really does only need more leads to grow, I hope you will reach out.