SEO Audit 1

SEO Audit

Knowing is half the battle!  Let our professional SEO’s analyze your website so you can get more benefit from people searching online for your product or service.

SEO Audit Includes

  1. Domain Age
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. Site Speed
  4. URL Structure
  5. Page Titles
  6. Page Meta Descriptions
  7. Canonical URLs
  8. H Tags
  9. Keywords
  10. Alt Tags
  11. Image File Sizes
  12. Schema Markup
  13. Open Graph
  14. Responsiveness
  15. 404 Errors
  16. Links (opening in new tab)
  17. Google Analytics Connection
  18. Google My Business Optimization
  19. Robots.txt File
  20. XML Sitemap
  21. Language, Doctype, & Encoding
  22. Citations
  23. Reviews
  24. UX
  25. CTA’s
  26. Clarify of Website
  27. Ease of Navigation
  28. Internal Links
  29. External Links
  30. Back Links

SEO Audit Details

The process is simple.  Complete the form below and check your inbox.  You will have an invoice waiting for you.  Pay the invoice and we get to work!

The information we provide you with after performing your SEO audit is yours to do with what you wish.  Feel free to makes adjustments yourself, pass these on to your website or SEO service, or ask us to get you a quote!

We would love to make sure everything gets done to a ‘T.’

Cost:  $75.00 (1-Time Payment)

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