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Some business owners have and some business owners have not heard of schema markup.  If you’ve heard of structured data, it is the same thing.

Schema markup is a newer and somewhat more advanced tactic used for SEO purposes.  Once you understand schema markup it is easy to work with and can really give your website/business an advantage over your competition who probably hasn’t implemented schema markup yet.  Or at least hasn’t implemented to the level we will discuss today.

Geting the most out of schema markup requires a very thorough understanding of it.  If you need assistance with implementing schema markup on your website, contact Ryan at Optimized SEO and Websites.

What is Schema Markup?

In my own words to help you understand schema markup better, schema markup was a code language developed by the higher-ups at Google, Bing, and Yahoo back in the day.  The purpose was to come together in agreement for a single code language to be used to allow webmasters to provide a clearer picture of their business for use by the algorithms.

Since it is JSON-LD code, a form of javascript, you do not see any changes to the pages of your website looking at your website itself.  But, you could see your schema markup appear in the search results or hear it of Alexa of Google Home reads off your speakable schema markup to the voice searchers!  Do I have your attention!  I hope so!

Why is Structured Data important for local service businesses?

In our opinion, strong implementation of schema markup is an easy way to really stand out in a good way to the search engines compared to your competition.  Most local service businesses are small businesses and have not heard or put any thought into implementing schema markup on their website.

Besides the fact that you very well could be the first in your geographic area and niche to add structured data to your website, we feel it is extra important for local service businesses because it allows you to layout your service area and service catalog.  Much like Google My Business does.  You can see why this is so important for local SEO.

You can then use service schema to markup each individual service’s page on your website.  FAQ pages are one of the easiest pages to get started with schema markup and FAQs are appearing in the search results as rich snippets more often than ever.

Speakable schema is a surprisingly easy part of structured data to implement and is what makes you eligible to be the voice search result.  Voice searches are growing in number daily and you should adjust your business’s presentation online to match.

Download Our Schema Markup Cheat Sheet Below

You can view our PDF Schema Markup Cheat Sheet below before downloading.  You can also copy and paste it right from our website if you don’t want to download it.

Before you get to customizing our code template for several types of schema markup for local service businesses, we’ll teach you when and why to use each type.

Speakable Schema

Purpose:  Used to make that page edible to be the voice answer to a search on Alexa, Google Home, and the like. The values input is what the device would read as the answer. Keep that in mind when wording these!

Pages to use on: All that matter

Blog Posting Schema

Purpose: Used to make get the search engines more detailed info about the blog in their preferred format.

Pages to use on: Blog posts only

Local Business with ‘areaServed’ Schema

Purpose: L&L companies are HomeAndConstructionBusiness and veterinarians are MedicalBusiness for example. View all options
here: https://schema.org/LocalBusiness

Get the search engines all kinds of info related to the business so they have a clearer understanding!

Pages to use on: Homepage Only

WebSite Schema Markup

Purpose: Not real sure! Seems kind of obvious… But it is super easy so why not?!

Pages to use on: Homepage Only

Service ‘hasOfferCatalog’

Purpose: To make it crystal clear what services the business offers!

Pages to use on: Homepage Only

Service Schema Markup for it’s dedicated Page

Purpose: Provide more insight about the service for the search engines

Pages to use on: Individual Service Pages Only

specialAnnouncement Structured Data

Purpose: Because you have a special announcement – DUH?!?!

Pages to use on: Blast out info quick to Google!

FAQ Schema Code Generator

Use this tool to generate FAQ schema very quickly and easily.  There are tools that write schema markup like this.  The problem I found is most are very limiting.  You will be limited to the inputs that specific generator allows for.  Of course, you could take the schema the tool will generate and add in additional data as needed per schema.org’s documentation.

FAQ Schema generator link:  https://saijogeorge.com/json-ld-schema-generator/

Event Schema Code Generator & More

As I said, there are a lot of tools like this out there.  As more and more businesses start implementing this they will probably start off with these same tools.  Then you are back to square one…you both have the same schema markup types implemented on your website.  Stand out and write vanilla schema markup as we do for our SEO clients!


Structure Data Resources:


Testing Schema:

If there was a plugin for schema on the site, use Google’s tool to test the page and copy/paste code for a nice starting