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Reviews for Medical Professionals

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By the way…

We are pretty confident we are the only marketing company with a Nurse Practitioner on staff!

Meet Amy!

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How does it work?

What if…

Only 4 or 5-star reviews actually got posted online for the rest of the world to see?


That is exactly how our system works!  

1, 2, or 3-star reviews will be sent to you as an email.  We thought you might like that.

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Where do reviews go?

You tell us where you want them!

We have 50+ review sites currently integrated with our system and counting.

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Then, we automate…

Our systems will strategically reach out to your patients kindly asking them to leave you a review,

using the following methods: 

Drip Email Campaigns

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SMS Campaigns

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Appointment Cards!

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Website Widgets

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Email Signatures

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Highlights & Bonuses


Detailed Monthly Progress Reports

Unsatisfied Patient Notifications

All Your Online Reviews in 1 Place

New Review Alerts

More Automation

Autopost Reviews to Social Media

Automatically Display Reviews on Your Website

Let’s Schedule a Time to Discuss!

Do you have questions?

We have answers!

How much does it cost?

$197/month* – We do it all!

$147/month** – Full access to our software systems and training. 

*$97 early cancellation fee if canceled before 3 billing cycles (3 months).

**1-hour account setup with an Optimized team member included.

SMS Add-On: $8/month for first 200 texts per month and $0.03 per text over 200.  Unused SMS credits do not roll over.


Can I see a sample monthly report?


View or Download this PDF:

Optimized Review Building Sample Monthly Report

What would you need from us?
  1. Tell us where you would like your reviews posted.
  2. Your patients’ first name and email address in the form of a Google Sheet.  CSV and Excel files are also excepted, but by using a Google Sheet any new additions will be automatically added to your campaigns.  (We will send our signed confidentiality agreement before requesting this.)

If you would like to utilize all of our systems features, you may need to create us a login to your website’s backend or pass along code snippets to your web developer for that integration.

If you would like to utilize the SMS feature for a small additional cost based on usage, we would also need phone numbers to execute this feature.

Is Amy really a Nurse Practitioner?


View her diploma here:  Amy’s Diploma

About Amy:


Do you offer any discounts?

Yes.  You can pre-pay for a year’s worth of service and receive a 40% discount for doing so.




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Entrepreneur / Founder


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Computer Scientist

Together, we are Optimized

Optimized is an internet marketing firm located in Newport, KY.  Our services include website design, redesign, and updating, and SEO services for local businesses of all types all over the United States.  And, we specialize in getting our clients reviews!

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Why are reviews so important?

Here is why!


Reviews are a MAJOR ranking factor in Google’s algorithm.


Who would you choose? 

The practice with 3 reviews and a 3.5-star rating or the one with 47 reviews and a 4.8-star rating?


No one wants to be the guinea pig!  Reviews will build trust before you ever speak with your newest patient.

Why hire an SEO service?

Think about this, when someone is performing a Google search for a product or service, they are clearly displaying some sort of interest.  SEO, or search engine optimization, is what will enable Google to know to display your website and information in the search results!  We perform a wide variety of SEO services from technical SEO, content marketing SEO, building authority through backlinks, and review fetching!  

Instead of forcing yourself in front of everyone and anyone with your ads, why not subtly be there when they are looking for you!  

We have a bonus for you too!  Once you stop paying for ads, they will immediately stop producing results.  Building reviews and best-practice SEO tactics (which is all we do…) have lingering affects for many years to come, even after discontinueing the service!

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