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We Build Lawn Care Websites That Stand Out

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Lawn Care Website Design

Website Design or Redesign, SEO, and Ad Services For Lawn and Landscape Companies

If we didn’t feel we were the best option out there for a lawn care and landscaping company, we simply wouldn’t offer these services.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a successful lawn and landscape pro build your website or manage your online presence?

That is exactly what you get with Optimized.

Our niche is lawn and landscape companies.

30 Clients In 30 Days

Lawn care business owner with family.

Ryan and his team rebuilt my website in fall 2018.

My website had been online for 15 years at that point, and we had not picked up 30 clients over that entire 15 year span.

In May of 2019, we literally signed up 30 weekly mowing customers that found our website and liked what they saw.

Yeah…I would have to say I recommend them!!!

Cory Kopel | Paradise Property Services

From a Lawn Pro For Lawn Pros


Ryan built and sold his lawn care and landscaping company.

He now builds websites for lawn care and landscape companies across the United States and beyond.

Optimized does more than build websites.  We build websites that work.  What do we mean?  We don’t just build our clients a website, we build them a fully optimized website that will rank in the search results and convert visitors into hot leads for your company.

We don’t stop at building websites: 

  • We redesign existing websites and update old websites.
  • We perform search engine optimization (SEO) to get our clients’ websites found in the search results.
  • We run Google Ads for our clients that drive targeted traffic to their websites.
  • And more: Custom emails, website hosting, social media management, on and offline design work, video creation, automated email marketing; basically anything to do with representing your business online.

Screenshots Of Lawn & Landscape Websites We’ve Built

Spokane WA Lawn Care Website

We built this website for Jose in Spokane Valley, WA.

Lawn Care Pricing Page

We finally got to work with a local company in Greater Cincinnati!

We Build Websites That Work

All websites are not created equal!  Here is where we shine and why it will benefit your business.

Simple Effective Design

Focused Design

In the past, we believe we wasted a lot of time on really cool effects and crazy functionality in our websites.

Turns out this doesn’t deliver the results we are going for!

Our new approach is simple and clean.

Making it much easier for the search engines to interpret our website and for users to navigate our websites.

That’s a Win-Win!

Rank When Searched For

Top of Google

We are one of few web design companies that really put a lot of thought into SEO from the early design stages.

It is hard for most people to know if they were handed a truly well-built website or simply a website that looks good at face value.

The bottom line is, if no one finds your website when searching for your products or services, it doesn’t matter what it looks like!

Get People To Contact You!

Google Ads Management

The metric that matters the most to us is the actual revenue our online efforts provide our clients.

Without the help of our clients reporting back to us on what percentage of internet leads turned into paying clients, it is very hard to nail down this exact number.

So, we focus on all metrics we know will increase revenue for our clients which are unique visits to their website, time on website, pages viewed, form submissions, and phone calls from mobile devices.

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More Screenshots Of Our Websites

St Louis Lawn Care Service Website

We built this website for Brian in St. Louis, MO.

Lawn Care Pricing Page

We built this website for Lee in Tennessee.

Tennessee Lawn Care Website

We built this website for Josh in Kingport, TN.

Atlanta Lawn Care Website

We built this website for Sam just outside Atlanta, GA.

Kansas City Lawn Care Website

We built this website for James in Kansas City, MO.

Spokane WA Lawn Care Website 2

Here is an example of a service page on Jose’s website.