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Internet Presence Guide for:

Car Sales, Service, and Rental Companies

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How Automoive Companies Can Shine Online


  • Fetch Reviews
  • Build Citations
  • Think Mobile 1st
  • Integrate a map with directions!
  • Get your Google My Business Page whipped into shape and keep it that way!
  • Have a good looking website that is easy to navigate and technically sound with all basic on-site SEO performed.


  • Ads – We feel ads are more important to car dealerships and car rental companies than car repair shops.
  • Backlinks – Same as ads, much more important for larger dealerships and rental agencies than in the automotive repair industry.  
  • Professional Photography
  • Video


  • Fake Reviews
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How competitive is the automotive industry online?

It is much more competitive for car dealerships and businesses in car rental as when compared to the repair side of the industry. 

Reviews are huge!  People want to know other people have used your service and had a positive experience.  This would be a great area to focus on with your online efforts.

If your car dealership, rental, or repair shop is ready to serve more clients, please contact us.  We would love to work you and show you quantifiable results from our marketing efforts online for your business.

Top 10 Citation Sites

Auto Repair

  1. Yelp
  2. YP.com
  3. Angie’s List
  4. BBB
  5. AutoMD.com
  6. Facebook
  7. PrimeBuyersReport.org
  8. RepairPal.com
  9. Groupon
  10. Manta


  1. CarGurus.com
  2. Cars.com
  3. YP.com
  4. DriveTime.com
  5. CarsForSale.com
  6. Edmunds.com
  7. Yelp
  8. Facebook
  9. BBB
  10. Local.DMV.org

Car Rental

  1. Kayak
  2. Expedia
  3. YP.com
  4. PriceLine.com
  5. Angie’s List
  6. TripAdvisor.com
  7. MapQuest.com
  8. Manta
  9. SuperPages.com
  10. Local.Moving.com

Auto Insurance

  1. CalculateMe..com
  2. YP.com
  3. ProgressiveAgent.com
  4. Yelp
  5. SafeCo.com
  6. Local.DMV.org
  7. ErieInsureance.com
  8. SuperPages.com
  9. Travelers.com
  10. BBB
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What factors matter the most for ranking a auto related website?

We broke this down into 3 easy to understand categories.  If it matters a lot, these are crucial factors and you 100% should have these basic bases covered with your website and internet presence.  If it matters a little, this means these are the things to consider if you are in a competitive area and the surrounding companies are investing in their online presence too.  Doesn’t really matter just means that these ranking factors really don’t apply specifically to the lawn and landscape industry, but if the competition is feirce, you may need to execute a couple of these to stay on top!


  • Reviews (Specifically Google Reviews)
  • Directions and Hours on Website
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Citations
  • Great Pictures


  • Ease of Website Navigation
  • Technically Sounds Website
  • Content – Blogs and Videos
  • Press Releases
  • Video Content


  • Building Links*

*If you have a larger company, are nationwide, or are in a super competitive market, backlinks could very well be what pushes your site above the competition.

What do we recommend for you?

All of our services are not a great fit for all websites and businesses!  Here are our recommendations for getting the most out of our services:




  • i5
  • CiteMe
  • Sitely
  • iXL


  • Action
  • Boost
  • iBlog
  • Power
  • iBlog[GP]
  • Multi


  • Links
  • iX
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