Intro to Google My Business


Google My Business is a place where you can quickly and easily get Google all of the pertinent information about your business.  It is free!  Take advantage of this and reap the benefits.

The most common mistake I see with Google My Business (GMB) accounts is that they are not fully populated or have inconsistent information.  To get the most benefit from your GMB account, completely and thoroughly populate all of the information they allow you to.

If you are not familiar with the landscape online, NAP, or ‘Name, Address,  & Phone’, maybe a new term to you.  It is pretty self-explanatory, but super important to get it right and keep it the same everywhere it appears online.  If you have conflicting information, search engines lose confidence in your information and often will not show you as a result in fear of supplying the searcher with false information.  Hours are another thing to keep consistent across your internet presence.  To ensure you are not penalized for inconsistent info regarding your business type it out exactly the same everywhere it appears.  By this I mean, if you said ‘123 Main St.’ as your business address on your website, don’t put ‘123 Main Street’ as your address in your Google My Business account!


Should I create a Google My Business for my Business?

Yes.  I don’t care what type of business you are.  You should create a Google My Business account…along with setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but those topics will be future blogs!

Total time involved should be 2 or 3 hours maximum and that is if you also populate a thorough Q&A to compliment your GMB.  You will have to watch the video to learn more about the Q&A section!  To get your basic info on there and a couple pictures you could be done in as little as 20 minutes start to finish.  The video link is at the bottom of this SEO Blog post.

The ROI for 20 minutes of your time will more than likely blow any other ROI you ever get from anything, anywhere, way out of the water!  If you are completely computer illiterate, we can help and it is not an expensive service.  Click this link to contact us:  Optimized SEO and Websites


Importance of Google My Business


How Important is Google My Business?

As important as it gets?

IDK!  What did you want me to say?  It is like a free mini website from Google that shows at the top of the search results.  What more do I need to say?

From analyzing analytics from my sites and our clients’ sites over the years, we are noticing a lot of searchers are by-passing viewing the website and contacting us directly from our Google My Business listing.

They can call, text (if you set this feature up in GMB), see your hours, get directions, view your Q&A, see your recent posts, offers, and/or events, and see your reviews on Google and other platforms such as Facebook and Thumbtack, all as other options to also clicking to visit your website.  Enough said!


Query Insights in Google My Business

Have you ever wondered what people type into the search bar before ending up on your website?

Wonder no longer!  Queries are now an option is the Insights section of GMB.  As long as GMB has collected enough data for your website, you will get to see the actual search queries people are using to land on your website.  It doesn’t get much more powerful than this.

This works both ways.  You will not only see topics to build out more content around, but you will also see if you are showing up in search results for terms you don’t want to.  If people are landing on your site by accident from their Google searches, they quickly leave your site.  This is referred to as bouncing.  Google tracks how long people stay on your site after clicking through from your listing in the search results.  If you are having a lot of people find your site on accident and bounce, Google takes this as your site is not relevant, is spam, has bad info, has a terrible user experience, or whatever.  It doesn’t really matter what the problem is, if people don’t like your site, Google will stop showing it in the search results!


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Getting Google Reviews

To wrap up this introduction to Google My Business article, I had to cover reviews!  You had to see this coming!

Be honest, you know damn well you like to see positive reviews for a new business you are considering doing business with that you just found online.  Reviews are a great credibility builder and no one wants to be a guinea pig!

How do you get reviews?  

Well, the best way is to ask!  Yes.  Simply ask your clients for reviews and specifically on the Google platform.  Facebook and Yelp are the next best 2 places to get reviews, but hands down Google is the best.  You cannot incentivize people to leave you a review on any platform, but on Google, you can ask.

The best way to do this would be to text or email your client a link directly to leaving you a Google review.  How to get this link is a topic for another blog post and YouTube video…it is a little ridiculous how arduous the process is to create that link and I think it goes above a lot of people’s computer skills!

A few best practices for fetching reviews in this manner:


  1. Only do this with clients you know are happy!  Duh!
  2. Before sending the link, talk to them and ask them if it is okay to send the link.
  3. Make sure you thank them and let them know how much you appreciate them before sending or in the body of the text or email you send.

Google My Business Conclusion

Get it set up ASAP if you have not already.  It is really simple and does not take a lot of time.  Plus it is free!  You have no excuse because we will even do this for you for a nominal fee.

Get even more info and a walkthrough of this entire process by watching our Google My Business for Beginners YouTube video.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Thanks so much for reading.

Myself, Noah, and Steve (The Current Optimized Team) wish you the best in your life and in your business.  Let us know if we can help!

-Ryan Sciamanna
Cheif Fun Officer | Optimized


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