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Free Tool That Creates Your Business' Direct Google Review Link

Simply enter your business name or business address into the search bar on the map
and select it when you see it as an option in the available options in the drop-down.

Easy Google Review Link Generator

*If your business is not populating in the drop-down options:  Alternative Method to Create a Direct Google Review Link

Your Direct Google Review Link:

Google Review Generator

How to Use Your Direct Google Review Link

This video tutorial on how to use your Google review link will walk you through how to use our tool and how to get the most benefit out of your direct link.

The 4 Best Ways to Use a Direct Google Review Link
  1. Your Email Signature
  2. Email or SMS Review Fetching Campaigns
  3. On Your Website
  4. On Social Media

Read our blog post on how to The Best Ways to Use a Direct Google Review Link

Get Google Reviews
Optimized SEO and Websites – In a Nutshell

Optimized is a team of entrepreneurs in the Greater Cincinnati Area that offers SEO, website design, and website conversion improvement to entrepreneurs and small businesses across the US.  We can get you found online.  Don’t wait any longer and contact us today.  It is time to grow!

Review Link Bonuses

Want a direct link for someone to leave you a review on Facebook?  This process is much easier and straightforward.  “Thanks, Facebook!”  I don’t get to say that too often…  All you need to do is append /reviews/ to your Facebook Business Page URL.  Ours is, so our direct link to leave us a review is  Try it for yourself!  

Is our tool not recognizing your business?

If you have your address hidden from Google, this tool will not work for you!  That is why our tool is not working as it taps directly into Google’s API.  We are pulling from their data!  But, we have the next best thing and it is pretty quick and easy to do too.

Here is how to get a direct link to leave you a Google review if your address is hidden:

  • Google your business name, your city, and your state.
  • Your ‘Google Knowledge Panel’ should appear to the right of the search results. Click ‘write a review.’
  • With your review pop-up on the screen, copy the URL from your address bar.
  • Create a free account at if you want to shorten your link and customize it.
  • Use your full-length URL as a hyperlink or use your pretty shortened URL as you wish to take the friction out of leaving your business a Google Review

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