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Ryan Sciamanna is an entrepreneur in Greater Cincinnati. He started his 1st business in 2009 & sold it in 2018. He's been playing around on the internet ever since making passive income & providing web services to businesses.

SEO Audits For 6 Websites and What We Found

In today’s blog post I wanted to share what you can expect to get if you choose to have us audit your website’s SEO.

If you would like to have us audit your website, we are happy to do so.  The cost of our audit is $75 and the information we provide you with is yours to do with what you wish.


SEO Elements Reviewed In Audit

  1. Domain Age
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. Site Speed
  4. URL Structure
  5. Page Titles
  6. Page Meta Descriptions
  7. Canonical URLs
  8. H Tags
  9. Keywords
  10. Alt Tags
  11. Image File Sizes
  12. Schema Markup
  13. Open Graph
  14. Responsiveness
  15. 404 Errors
  16. Links (opening in new tab)
  17. Google Analytics Connection
  18. Google My Business Optimization
  19. Robots.txt File
  20. XML Sitemap
  21. Language, Doctype, & Encoding
  22. Citations
  23. Reviews
  24. UX
  25. CTA’s
  26. Clarify of Website
  27. Ease of Navigation
  28. Internal Links
  29. External Links
  30. Back Links

Pool Service Website SEO Check Results

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks again for having me check out your website.  Please remember this information is only meant to help!  I should also note that I am sure there are some differences between things since you are in South Africa, but a lot of this stuff is general best practices that should hold true no matter the location.


Here is what I found:

  • Your website is not responsive, meaning it does not display properly on mobile devices.  This would be my top priority for improving your website.  Google has moved to mobile first ranking and since your site is not responsive, it has to have a large negative effect on your site’s ability to rank.
  • It does look nice on my computer though.
  • Fetch reviews on Google!  Very important for ranking locally.
  • Your service area does not appear to be set within Google My Business.  This is very important to tell Google where you do your work!  Business name on Google My Business is currently:  B L Gardens & Pool (Pty) Ltd – Not sure if this is ideal or not.  It should be the legal name of your business and reflected as such on your website and everywhere else online.
  • Technical and on-page SEO – Lots of quick, easy wins here including setting canonical URLs, Page Titles and Meta Descriptions, Using H tags (currently none on the site), adding alt tags to images, using schema markup, making the site responsive, adding a robots.txt file, specifying the language used on the website, connecting Google Analytics, and uploading a favicon.
  • Secure your website – This is the SSL certificate that is missing currently
  • Use larger images on the website
  • Work on the wording of the content on the pages, including H tag use and keywords naturally worked into the text

Not too bad.  Lots of easy wins that could be implemented.Do you feel you are getting leads from the search engines currently?  From my initial review, I feel there could be a large improvement.

Here to help:

If you are interested, I would be happy to provide a quote to help clean up the website.  If we were to do the work, it would involve recreating the existing site on WordPress but honestly wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Landscape Website SEO Check Results

Hi Wesley,
Thanks again for having me take a look at your site and online presence.  Please remember this information is only meant to help!


Here is what I found:

  • Domain age – 10-19-2019- Super new domain.  Brand-new domains (within 1 year) seem to struggle to gain traction with the amount of spam and fraud online these days.  SEO is going to take some time, usually 6 months to yield results.  If you need results quicker, Google Ads would be the way to go in my opinion.
  • Website is secure.  Awesome.  And you have domain privacy enabled which is great.
  • Website load time:  Excellent – 3.1 seconds according to GTMetrix.
  • Google Analytics – Appears to not be connected.  It’s free and offers great insight.  I would highly recommend connecting.
  • Other Google/Bing properties. No way for me to check these…but if not setup, it would be a good idea to set up Google Search Console, Bing Places, Bing Webmasters
  • Google My Business – I could not find your Google My Business page.  This would be the first thing to set up.
  • Business name?  I am not sure what your business name is after viewing your website.  I recommend making this clear.
  • Domain name.  My girlfriend and I agree you should consider making your domain name your business name or something ‘less spammy’ for lack of a better word.
  • Logo – Do you have a business logo?  This should be on your website and used elsewhere online to identify your business.
  • Website accessibility (ADA compliance) is a hot topic.  Use userway.org to quickly improve your site accessibility.  There is more to this than that though such as alt tags on images.  A lot of alt tags are missing or are not done properly at the moment.  Alt tags should be on every image and describe what the image is to a person with visual impairment.  This allows them to know what the image is if using a screen reader which is very common among people with disabilities.
  • Schema markup – Your site does not have schema markup.  Several plugins can help easily implement schema on your WordPress website.  It appears your site was built with GoDaddy Website Builder.  I would highly recommend turning your website into a WordPress site for greater control over design, ability to use all WordPress plugins (most are free), and get all the SEO items needed implemented.  GoDaddy’s builder is one of the worst options to build a website, in my opinion and other web professionals.  It is just very limiting and GoDaddy is a terrible company to work with.  They are simply the best at marketing.  That’s it.
  • Citations – These are directory sites like Angie’s List and Yelp.  I could not check these as I don’t know your business name or address.  These items should be on your website.  If you don’t want to show your whole address, just use the city, state, and zip
  • Citations update: Found your name possibly and location on Facebook.  It appears your only citation is maybe Facebook and you do not have a Google My Business page.  Never mind…I kept investigating and found it.  Looks like lots of improvements could be made to it.  I know it is brand new…
  • Blog – If you were to create a blog you could have a lot more info relevant to your business which would greatly increase the chances of your website ranking for various search queries.
  • Video for your business.  People are reading less and less.  By creating a video you could appeal to these people!  Videos also appear in search results (Especially when embedded on your website and optimized in YouTube first.)
  • Internal and external linking – You would benefit from strategic internal and external linking.  This helps Google better understand your website content and how it relates to each other from page to page.
  • Embed your Google My Business map on your website
  • Where do you work?  This needs to be clear on your website!
  • Individual pages for each service.  Google ranks web pages, not websites.
  • Phone number on every page.  And I recommend a form on every page as does Neil Patel.
  • Every page needs at least 1 image
  • ‘Hero Image’ on homepage – blurred out…This needs to be an excellent, crisp picture!

When someone like me goes through a site, we can certainly nit-pick it to death!  The purpose of this review was to help though.  The items noted would have a huge positive effect.I can’t check how your site is ranking as it is just too new.  It simply doesn’t stand a chance yet.

I would love to offer our services as I feel you will seriously miss out on a ton of leads attempting to do this work yourself.

Happy to help:
Please remember, my review is not meant to offend in any way!  I truly just want to share what I notice from a quick review.  There is certainly a lot that can/should/needs to be done to your website to make it perform for your business.

Feel free to take my findings and do with them what you wish!  If you would like a quote for having us help, I’d be more than happy to get it over to you quickly.

Lawn Mowing Website SEO Check Results

Hi Gregory,

Thanks for having me check out your site and thank you very much for your service.  It is much appreciated.

I’ve done a lot of these audits recently.  Yours was the first one that appears to be ranking pretty well already.  At least for lawn mowing, lawn care, fall cleanup service, mulch service, in Smithville MO.  For these searches you came up in the first 3 of the map pack and on the first page of the organic listings in my incognito Google searches.

Outside of Smithville and searches for nearby cities you weren’t on the first couple pages of the search results.

So, the real question is, do you want to rank for landscape focused search queries in cities around Smithville?

There is often a line between does a website need SEO or does it just need a redesign.  There are certainly plenty of technical SEO items I see that could be cleaned up or that are missing or possibly not currently implemented properly.  But, if the goal is to get found in Smithville primarily for lawn care type services, your SEO may be sufficient as is.

If you feel like you need more traffic to the website to reach your new customer/lead goals to grow your business, I do believe there are a lot of quick, easy wins regarding your current SEO.

I perform these audits to help!  Please do not take anything of my advice the wrong way.

I personally feel like your website is leaving a lot on the table after someone visits it.  Meaning I believe without knowing your website analytics that with a refreshed design it would encourage a far greater percentage of website visitors that do land on your site (or are landing on your site already) to contact you for a quote.


Here are my tips/suggestions:

  • 100% MOST IMPORTANT – I found major issues with your website on my phone.  Without knowing the numbers, I would estimate roughly half if not 60%+ of your website visitors come from mobile devices.  You can check this in Google Analytics, which it appears you have connected, which is great.  But, the very top view of the website is taking up too much valuable space…this area is called ‘above the fold’ meaning before the user scrolls.  The spacing/sizing of everything on the mobile view could use a little optimization in my opinion.  The major concern of mine is that the form at the bottom is cutoff on my screen.  I am not able to fill it out from my phone!  I cannot see the submit button, or the subject and message input fields above.  Add margin or padding on the bottom of that form to resolve this.
  • The text over the grass at the top needs a dark transparent background to make the text more legible (This is becoming a bigger deal every day as websites are getting sued for not complying with the ADA guidelines for website accessibility for people with disabilities.  It is kind of crazy, but it is a reality…)
  • Make your website URL GilliamLawnCare.com to make it shorter (and your @gilliamlawncare.com email shorter…you can get yours free using Zoho mail) – A permanent 301 re-direct would tell the search engines the new domain is the exact same as the old and your current ranking would be unaffected + anyone who did try to go to the old domain would be re-directed to the new one automatically and instantly.
  • Make your logo larger in the menu
  • Break up large paragraphs of text into 2-3-4 shorter paragraphs to make it easier to read with double spaces between paragraphs
  • Remove the stock images and use your own original images (looks like its maybe half/half now – not bad)

You definitely did something right!  I really do like your site.  I am thinking you built it yourself.  If you did want a report on SEO improvements, I am happy to send that, just let me know.

But, like I said, I think your site really needs a little UX (user experience) TLC.

If you are trying to expand outside Smithville or rank for the more ‘landscape’ side of the business services, then SEO would certainly benefit.

Happy to help:

Feel free to take my findings and do with them what you wish!  If you would like a quote for having us help, I’d be more than happy to get it over to you quickly for an update to the design, SEO, or both.

Commercial Landscape Company Website SEO Audit Results

Hey Michael,
Had something I had to move fast on yesterday, sorry for the delay.
So, I would LOVE to work with your company.  It looks like the type of company I am trying to work with.  I love working with the smaller companies but budget restraints severely limit what I can do.  I get it, I just need to get in front of company like Green Solutions Landcare.
Next, after reviewing the site briefly I can almost guarantee Kevin has dumped thousands of dollars into his website and other services offered by SEO and SEM etc. agencies.
And, I am sure he has been less than impressed with the results!!!  He hired the wrong companies!  I can quite literally tear the website apart and identify exactly what was done wrong or not done at all.  I am not saying it looks bad or anything, but from an SEO standpoint, it’s at a 15 out of 100.  I do feel the design is hindering people from contacting the company though.
My guess is 15% of the people that should find that website actually do.



Here are some glaring errors I quickly found.  I would quite literally be happy to meet with whoever in person to go through things.
  • 404 errors
  • links in same tab (example Exmarks…they really shouldn’t be on the site, but if they must stay, at very least need to open in a new tab!!!)
  • URL structure
  • alt tags
  • titles and meta
  • terribly slow
  • Images – alt tags and more important – file size!!!
  • H tags need work
  • revamp blog posts and inter link
Rank from my incognito searches:
35 for commercial landscaper in Lexington
39 for lawn care company in Lexington
Seriously all kinds of potential, but I am sure he feels it would be a waste of time…looks like he’s paid a lot but did not get results!
This site should be on page 1 for sure.​
Let me know what you think the best way to proceed is please!
Thanks for thinking of me!
Why I Shared These SEO Audit Results

You may be wondering why I shared these SEO audit results and why only 2 contain links to their websites.

I will conclude this blog by clarifying!

So, only 2 of the 6 responded to my audits after 2 follow up emails.  3 of the 4 did not respond at all.  Super aggravating to say the least!

So, it was a little selfish of me to post this information as I had roughly 5 hours in gathering the information and presenting it to each person who requested it.  I had to do something to make it ‘worth my time.’

These audits used to be free, but people do not respect things that are free.  Now they are $75.  Hopefully you see the value in having a professional SEO review your website and provide insight.

Most of these websites, if not all, currently provide little to no value to the business.  No one is finding their websites!  So, by the business owner choosing to handle their website and SEO themselves, I guess to ‘save’ money, they are in fact missing out on 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars in quote request value each and every year.

Pretty dumb if you ask me…

Request your free SEO Audit now!