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The 2 Must-Haves When Owning a Website

Domains & Web Hosting

Most businesses just need 1 domain.  In fact, it is a best practice to only have 1 domain to represent your business online.  Domains on average cost roughly $10 per year.

Web hosting is necessary because your website’s files need to be housed somewhere so they have been fetched to render the content on your website when someone visits your domain.  Web hosting pricing is all over the board, we’ll explain why.

Your Domain Name

There can only be 1 website using XYZ-Name.com.  You must purchase the available domain of your choice so no one else can use it.  Domains need to be renewed every year or you can purchase them for a number of years in advance.

If you’ve lost access to your domain, we just wrote a helpful article on how to regain access to your domain registrar.

We recommend keeping your domain name as short as possible and working on keywords if possible.

If you are looking to purchase your domain name on your own, we recommend using NameCheap because they offer the best price on domain names and won’t rip your head off with ‘add-ons’ that should be included like GoDaddy.  GoDaddy is the worst possible choice for anything online in our opinion.  They prey on uneducated small business owners and then extort them for more money as they throw around terms most small business owners are unfamiliar with.

Web Hosting

At the end of the day, a website is simply a compilation of files filled with lines of code.  The code tells the browser what text and images to display on each page of your website and what to do when buttons are clicked or forms are submitted.

If you own a domain but have not set up hosting, you will see a whole lot of nothing when you visit your domain.

Web hosting is available in 3 tiers.  Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting can be super cheap but you need to be aware your website will share an IP Adress with lots of other websites you know nothing about!  There could be porn sites on this same IP address or fraudulent scam websites.  This will damage your website’s ability to rank!  We do not recommend shared hosting even for the smallest websites!

To make a profit, hosting companies offering shared hosting max out the resources on every server.  Shared hosting is by far the slowest as far as page load speed goes.

VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting but the company offering this hosting limits the number of other websites that will also be hosted on the same server.  You still run into the possibility of unwanted other sites being hosted on the same IP Address, but you will see a significant increase in page load speed.

Dedicated hosting means your website is the only website hosted on that server.  This sounds great, but it is very expensive and probably overkill and not economical for most small businesses.

Need help with your domain or web hosting?

We work with people at all knowledge levels when it comes to websites, SEO, and computer skills in general.  If you need help setting up your domain or hosting, we are happy to help.

If you simply need help purchasing a domain name, we charge $15 for our consultation.

If you would like us to purchase your domain name and host your website for 1-year, we charge $175.  You’ll have the option to renew year after year locked in at the $175 per year rate.

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