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Company Emails

Company emails are a must these days. Using something like xyzcompany@gmail.com simply does not seem professional anymore. The good news is there are free options to get away from generic Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook emails. Your old xyzcompany@gmail.com can become sales@zxycompany.com for example.

Free Branded Email Options

If you are still using a Gmail or other generic email as your official company email, we have 2 solutions.  Zoho Mail’s free plan only allows for up to 5 custom emails, while POP3/IMAP allows for an unlimited number of custom emails.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is our go-to choice for free company emails.  The clean, ad-free interface is freakish well designed, and super easy to use.  With apps available for all smartphones, Zoho Mail is a no-brainer in our opinion to get yourself in a free company email.


If we are hosting your website, we can create a server-side email and port them into an existing free Gmail inbox.  After the connection is made, you will be able to continue to use your original Gmail as you’ve been used to, plus will be able to send and receive emails from your company-branded email as well.

POP3/IMAP should potentially work with numerous other email clients such as Outlook and so on, but we only offer support for porting your server-side emails from our AWS hosting into a Gmail inbox.

Ready to get your company emails set up?

We include setting up company emails as part of our website design service and SEO service, but if you are not currently a client we are still more than happy to assist with setting up your company emails.

If you’d like us to set up your company emails as a 1-time service, we charge $60 for the first email and $15 for each additional email you’d like created.

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