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Ryan Sciamanna is an entrepreneur in Greater Cincinnati. He started his 1st business in 2009 & sold it in 2018. He's been playing around on the internet ever since making passive income & providing web services to businesses.

I’ve personally had enough of GoDaddy’s bullsh*t.

It’s time for a class action lawsuit against GoDaddy in my opinion.

Let me tell you why and see if you agree.  It’s really time to create and enforce crimes occurring daily online.  Once again, in my opinion, GoDaddy is not only a very unethical company, but they also do some things I truly believe are, or at least should be, illegal.

GoDaddy is Out of Control

My first beef with GoDaddy is their pricing.  Their premier prices for their bottom-of-the-barrel services are certainly not illegal.  Honestly, if people are ignorant enough to pay for their crap, that is their problem.

I already wrote about GoDaddy’s high prices and that is not what this article is about anyway.

DNS issues with GoDaddy

Is GoDaddy Breaking the Law?

The fundamental problem here is I am unaware of laws that would govern their ‘illegal activity.’  Please note for the last time, these are my opinions and I am entitled to them and allowed to share!

This is what prompted me to write this article.  I went to push a website live today.  I do this on average twice a week.  We’re a web agency and build a lot of websites.  This is everyday stuff for us.

Of course, my client had registered their domain with GoDaddy.  I first attempted to change the name servers.  This domain was not using GoDaddy’s name servers when I went to make this change.  I got ‘An expected error has occured.’ message upon entering the new name servers we need to use.

I tried again.  Same error message.  I then contacted their support.  After 20 minutes of chatting, they tell me they also could not change the name servers from their end either…

Their recommendation was for me to log in to GoDaddy as my client.  I was logged in using their ‘delegate access’ feature.  That was fine.  I had my client’s login credentials.  I am not sure what the point of delegate access is though if the person with delegate access can’t do what needs to be done.

I log in to GoDaddy as my client.  I try using my name servers again.  The same unexpected error message appears.  I then attempt to revert to GoDaddy’s name servers.  It wants to email my client for verification.  He never gets the email.

It’s 2 hours later and we’re still trying to do something that should literally take 2 minutes or less.

We Need Laws Governing The Internet

The bottom line is, plenty of other ‘web related’ companies are just as unscrupulous as GoDaddy.

Individuals are being scammed right along side with businesses small and large.  It’s a problem.  It needs to be fixed.  It needs to happen soon.

We need to get the old ass people out of our government before they run the world into the ground with their lack of understanding of how shit really works these days.


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