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Ryan Sciamanna is an entrepreneur in Greater Cincinnati. He started his 1st business in 2009 & sold it in 2018. He's been playing around on the internet ever since making passive income & providing web services to businesses.
I will quickly tell you how to buy cheap domain names for as low as $7.28!

Then I will go into a little more detail on what you need to know when purchasing a domain name for your website.

I hope you enjoy it!  If you need help with anything related to marketing your business online, that’s what we’re good at.  Contact us.

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Buy your next domain like a pro

As web professionals, we see lots of beginner mistakes being made by our clients and potential clients every day.  We think it is part of our job to educate those who care to know the right way to do things online.  The first thing to do is forget GoDaddy exists because they are simply crooks and provide bottom-of-the-barrel internet services at premium rates because of their name recognition.  Don’t be their next victim.

Our first tip is to install Honey.

Honey literally saves you money on every purchase you will make online by automatically running every coupon code floating around the web in 1-click as you check it.  It takes a matter of seconds for Honey to do its thing, and you save money.  Boom!

If Honey can’t find a coupon code for the store you are shopping at, you will still earn ‘Honey Gold’ which is their in-house point system which over a handful of online purchases will provide you with a  monetary discount on one of your next purchases.

Pretty much a no-brainer if you ask us.

NameCheap account screenshot with cheap domain names

Buy your domain at the right domain registrar

Again, F*ck GoDaddy.  If you cannot tell, we hate GoDaddy here.  If you know what we know about GoDaddy, you would too!

We highly recommend NameCheap.

We quite literally have over 100 domains in our NameCheap account.  Some our passive income websites owned by Optimized and of course, the www.optimized.design domain you are currently on is in their too.  But, the majority of the domains in our NameCheap account are our client’s domains.  NameCheap allows us to easily provide them with full access to their domain only within our account.

Cheap domain name only $7.28 at checkout

3 steps to $7.28 domain names

So, how exactly do you get cheap domain names for $7.28 cents?  Well, it’s really this simple.

  1. Install Honey
  2. Add the domain to your NameCheap shopping cart
  3. Run Honey during the checkout process

We can’t guarantee that this will last forever, but in 2020 and 2021 thus far, almost every domain we bought ended up being $7.28.  We buy 2-5 domains per week at our agency…a couple of times we had used the coupon code too many times in too short of a period and that’s why we didn’t get it every single time.

Why buy your domain at NameCheap?

Besides it being the cheapest place to buy a domain online made even cheaper when you use Honey, they also include domain privacy for free.

For a comparison to HoDaddy, no, that’s not a typo, they would charge $17.99 for the domain and $9.99 for domain privacy.  Domains and privacy need to be renewed yearly!  This compounds how overpriced GoDaddy is!

So, if you go with NameCheap, you can buy a domain with privacy for $7.28 with Honey.

If you go with HoDaddy, you pay $27.98 for the same exact thing!  That is literally nearly 4x as expensive.  Quit padding HoDaddy’s corrupt pockets!

Tips for picking your domain name

Briefly, we wanted to give you some pointers since you very well may be purchasing a domain name in the near future.

  1. Keep it as short as possible
  2. Make sure it’s easy to spell
  3. Keep it relevant to what your business does
  4. Try to stick with .com if possible

NameCheap has a built-in domain name availability finder too.  Obviously, only one person/company can own a single domain…it’s like your phone number or home address.  The system doesn’t work with multiples of the same value being used!