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Ryan Sciamanna is an entrepreneur in Greater Cincinnati. He started his 1st business in 2009 & sold it in 2018. He's been playing around on the internet ever since making passive income & providing web services to businesses.

Last weed we thoroughly covered the importance of citations, if you are not familiar with citations, AKA directory listings for your business online, we highly recommend you read that article before this one.

If you are wanting to get more out of your Google My Business listing, this is a great way to solidify your business in your local service area!

Save Time & Money Building Citations

Somethings are best left to an expert.

When it comes to citation building, it is honestly going to save you time and money using a tool to build out a large number of citations.

Between a combination of these citation/directory listing sites having a tendency to glitch during set up and the fact that you literally can’t build citations on some platforms without using a tool, this is kind of a no brainer.  Also, it takes at least 5 minutes, sometimes 10-15 to fully complete each citation profile.

This tool will allow you to build out 30 citations in about 15-30 minutes and only costs $90 to do so!

It’s $3 per citation!

Recommendation: Build Out Key Citations Manually

There are some profiles the tool is not about to create for you.  There are also some citations that are far more valuable to your business than others.

‘Key citations’ are going to vary from business type to business type and by location.  Since we work with local service businesses primarily, were going to quickly note the ‘key citations’ for a local service provider such as a lawn care service, HVAC company, plumber, roofer, and so on.

Manually build out these citations:

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Yelp
  • Nextdoor
  • BBB
  • Angie’s List

These are too important to delegate to the tool!  If you have a commercial business location, also manually populate your Apple Maps.  All of these citations minus the BBB require manual verification anyway,  so even if you do use the tool, you’d still have time involved in populating these citations.

The Best Tool For Citation Building

You do have a couple of options for building citations but we can only recommend the one we know and trust and use personally on a regular basis!

BrightLocal allows for the automatic creation of so many different citations.  It’s really impressive.  Plus, they can correct and update existing citations if needed.  And, can submit your business to the data aggregators.

Build Citations Over Time

An ideal time span for building citations for a brand new business would be to immediately create your manual citations noted above and use the tool to create 20 additional citations right off the bat.

3 months later, have them build out 20 more citations.  3 months later, have them list your business on the data aggregators.

This would be a ‘natural’ progression of gaining new citation listings.  Remember the search engines want to see continual improvement overtime to your web presence as a whole.  There are other things you can do to continue to improve that do not occur on your website itself.

Review building would be another great example of things you can do to improve your credibility and visibility online without actually touching your website…hopefully your reviews are embedded so they automatically get added as you earn them! 

Video Tutorial On Using The Tool!