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The Numbers Supporting Optimized SEO and Websites is the Best Marketing Company in Cincinnati

We know saying ‘we’re the best marketing company in Cincinnati’ is a bold claim, but we have the numbers to back it up. By the way, we are the best value, the easiest to work with, and we don’t hide behind computer screens as most other website, SEO, and internet marketing companies do.

Google Search Console‘s Analytic Data Proving Our SEO Expertise

We’re going to start off by showing you several of our clients’ Google Search Console Data.  We’re starting off by showing you this search engine performance data because we still believe SEO is the backbone of a strong online presence.  The reason we are so bullish on SEO is that SEO is what will organically get you in front of anyone actively searching for a product or service you offer.  In our opinion, there is no better time to reach a new potential client compared to when they are actively searching on their own accord.

Obviously, running Google Ads can accomplish the same thing.  But, the second you pause your Google Ads, you no longer stand a chance of being at the top of the search results.  SEO on the other hand will continue to produce results for your business long after you stop paying for an SEO service when done right.

The best marketing companies will recommend you invest in both, as we do.

Our Goal Is To Get Your Website Impressions That Result To Clicks in the SERPs

Real quick, in case you are unfamiliar with the website analytics data provided within Google Search Console, we are looking at impressions and clicks in these screenshots.

What are SERPs?

SERPs is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Results Pages. We are specifically looking at the results of Google’s search engine.

What is an Impression?

An impression is when a webpage from our client’s site appeared in the search results.

The purple line on these charts represents the impressions.

What is a Click?

A click is when an impression has occurred and the person searching clicked through to our client’s website.

The blue line on these charts represents the clicks.

Home Inspection Clients Search Engine Performance
The screenshot above shows the swift and ongoing success of the optimizations we made for this client. The data above is for AA Home Inspection. They offer inspection services in Greater Cincinnati.

AA Home Inspection was working with another SEO agency prior to switching to us. As you can see, they were getting ripped off by the SEO service they used!

The data below is for Companion Animal Medical Centre. Dr. Steffen is the veterinarian and specializes in holistic care. Their office is located in Milford, OH.

Companion Animal Medical Centre was working with the same SEO agency as AA Home Inspection prior to switching to us. As you can see, they were getting ripped off also!

Veterinary Clinic Clients Search Engine Performance

SEO Results Shown in Google Analytics‘ Data

Lawn Care Company Google Analytics

This acquisition report is a screenshot from a lawn maintenance service’s Google Analytics account.

The crazy this is the data shown is for a 1-year period from Dec. 1st, 2019 through November 30th, 2020.

The really impressive part is this company was formed in mid-May 2019.  The website was only online for 6-months at the beginning of the 1-year’s worth of data!  And, this company had no other existing web properties before the website was built since it had literally just been formed!

SEO Results Shown in Google My Business Insights

Family Doctor GMB Performance

Optimized SEO and Websites specializes in working with local, service businesses with our website optimization and marketing services.

The best marketing companies know Google My Business (GMB) is where the magic happens for local service businesses.

The screenshot we are looking at here is for an urgent care facility in Raleigh, NC.

Just 4 short months prior the website visits, calls, and direct requests their Google My Business was producing was a fraction of the activity they are now receiving from searches on Google Maps and in the map pack of organic search results.

Local Vets GMB Performance

We’re getting similar results for a veterinarian in Milford, Ohio.

A local business’s Google My Business is almost as important as its website.  The performance of each depends on how well optimized both of these assets are.

Your Google My Business always clients to leave your business reviews on Google and makes you eligible to appear on Google Maps.  It’s a great way to get a second impression on the first page of Google assuming you’ve earned 1 of the 3 spots in the map pack and 1 of the 9 or 10 spots in the organic results.

Online Advertising Results From Google Ads

We focus on SEO because the effects will continue to provide results for our clients long after they stop paying for our service.

In 2021 and beyond, small businesses serious about growing their businesses need to be willing to invest in Google Ads in our opinion.  Google is getting greedy.  The organic results are becoming more convoluted with each algorithm update. 

Lawn Mowing Service Google Ads Performance

Above we are looking at a screenshot from a lawn mowing service in Northern Kentucky’s Google Ads account.  Since their business is seasonal and they are a small business with limitations on how quickly they can grow, their Google Ad campaign ran from the end of January to mid-July.   At this point, the company could not take any new clients and the demand for a lawn mowing service had greatly diminished.  So, we paused the ads to not waste our client’s marketing dollars.

We were able to get this client 1.2K clicks for $1,000.  Pretty damn impressive!  Can you say, ‘best marketing company in Cincinnati!’

Veterinarian Clients Google Ads Performance

Above we are looking at a screenshot from a dog and cat doctor’s Google Ads account.  This client’s business is somewhat seasonal but not to the extent of a lawn services’ season, so we began running ads as soon as we began working with this client.

This client had a larger budget as their business was more established.  Their industry is also known to be profitable.  We were still able to get this client 972 clicks from the Google Ads we setup and managed for them at just $1.52 per click!

More Screenshots From Our Clients’ Google Search Console Accounts

We have never failed to produce positive results for a client.  Some clients certainly experience better results than others.  Honestly, if we have a realistic budget, we can get any business results.  The problem we’ve been running into in the past is we are limited as to what we can do because of our small business clients’ small budgets.

It is really frustrating for us because we know our services will produce more profit for your small business that our service’s cost.  So many of our past clients simply wouldn’t OK the work that needed to be done to get them the results they were looking for.

Below we have screenshot several more examples of our website optimization and SEO services getting our clients more impressions (exposure) in the search results and more importantly, clicks through to their website!

Physical Therapist Client Search Engine Performance

The screenshot above is from Aspire Therapy Services Google Search Console.  We replaced the website the business owner had built for her own business using Vista Print.  Yes…we were shocked and did not even know Vista Print offered websites.  We don’t recommend Vista Print for anything unless you want to overpay for OK quality printing.

The WordPress website we built for Aspire Therapy Services went live in December of 2019.  Lisa reached out to us in early June to engage our ongoing services.  We began our 2nd ongoing engagement with Aspire in December of 2020.

Below we are looking at a screenshot from one of Optimized SEO and Website 1st 5 clients!  We built Compton Lawn Care the 1st website their business ever had in early 2018.  Needless to say, we’ve learned so much since then!

At the beginning of April in 2020, Jason Compton, the owner reached back out to us and asked if there was anything we could do to get him more results from his website and online presence.  Of course, we said yes!

As you can see, after we implemented everything we’ve learned since originally building their website in early 2018 in early April of 2020, their website’s performance skyrocketed.

Landscaping Company Clients Search Engine Performance

Below we are looking at one of our favorite client’s Google Search Console data.  Leo Garden Care had just been ripped off by an India-based website company posing as a local business to them in Naples, FL.

We are very excited for Leo Garden Care in 2021.  Since the India-based company ripped off so many other companies, they simply changed their name, phone number, and website so these pissed off clients could not contact them to complain.  There was actually nothing they could do since the business was located in India!

The problem was after we built them their official website, we could not gain access to the crappy website the Indian company had built to redirect it to the new site.  Since having 2 websites is a big no-no when it comes to website and SEO best practices, Leo’s business suffered greatly.  In October, the crappy website expired which is why their analytic data is climbing to new heights even though it is their slow season over the winter months.

Tree Service Clients Search Engine Performance

We don’t often get to work with eCommerce businesses because eCommerce is typically much more involved than an informational/promotional website that many small businesses utilize.

iGoPro Lawn Supply is the eCommerce shown below and it is actually owned by the owner of Optimized SEO and Websites.  This is an example of how we use our internet marketing skills to produce passive income to complement the work we do for our paying clients.

Since we essentially had no budget limitation, we were able to ramp this website up very quickly.  It went from non-existent to $130K+ in revenue per year in its 2nd year online.

eCommerce Store Search Engine Performance

Sam’s Personal Landscaping is another one of our long-time clients.  Sam contacted us during the winter between 2019-2020 letting us know he wanted to increase his marketing budget and wanted the results to come with it.  Since Sam hired the best marketing company around, he got just that!

Sam’s business is located outside Atlanta and he calls Optimized SEO and Websites his, ‘lead generation machine in Kentucky!’

Lawn Service Client Search Engine Performance

Below is a screenshot of a lawn mowing service in Texas that installs Christmas lights during the holiday season.  We re-built this website in late April of 2020 to replace the website the business owner had created.  Their presence in the search results has been increasing ever since.

Christmas Decor Clients Search Engine Performance

This site went live mid-May 2020.  The client did not have a website previously and did not have a Google My Business either.  They only had a Facebook page prior to working with us.

The owner of TaylorMade Decorative Expoxy and Concrete is a young man named Mason Taylor.  Mason is not afraid to spend money on marketing!  Within 2 months of his website going live, he landed a $54k job from an internet lead.

Needless to say, our service paid for itself many times over almost instantly.

Flooring Contractor Clients Search Engine Performance

Spokane’s Finest Lawns is yet another long-time client of Optimized SEO and Websites.  We’ve been working with Jose since early 2018.  His website has gone through numerous revisions and has had many pages added over the years to make it robust and encompassing.

Their information-packed website with beautiful original pictures taken by the business owner sells their services 24/7/365.

Lawn Care Service Client Search Engine Performance

To wrap up the evidence that we are the best marketing company in Cincinnati in 2021, we’ll leave you with Dr. Samia’s service results.

We started working with Dr. Samia in early July of 2020 and quite literally more than doubled the impressions and clicks they were getting from the search results.

Urgent Care Client Search Engine Performance

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Numbers don’t lie.

We don’t know what else we can do to prove to businesses we are one of the few ethical website, SEO, and ad management companies out there.

If you need results and have a reasonable budget, contact us.  We can help your business meet its goals.

To get started with the best marketing company in Cincinnati, call us, email us, or complete any form on our website.

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