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Ryan Sciamanna is an entrepreneur in Greater Cincinnati. He started his 1st business in 2009 & sold it in 2018. He's been playing around on the internet ever since making passive income & providing web services to businesses.

What I really want to say in this blog is just contact me, let me know what you want your domain name to be, and I will have all of this done by tomorrow!

I’m dead serious too. I’d charge $175 to do it all. That is per year, but there is no way around yearly or monthly fees for your domain name and website hosting.  If you compare apples to apples, our $175 offer is quite possibly the best value on the web.

Take 1 second to think about it.  For you to knock all of this stuff off your to-do list, it would only require 1-3 minutes of your time and $175.  Boom, you’re done. I’ll even install WordPress and our Premium theme of choice, Divi, for only $25 more.

My offer isn’t going anywhere, so once you waste more time and do the math after searching around, you can always come back and sign up!

The Right Way To Setup Your Online Properties

By ‘right way,’ I mean the way to do it and not get ripped off!

I hope that has got your attention. Let’s dive right into how to set up your website’s properties and not spend more than you should in the process.

Here is what you will quickly find if you attempt to do all of this stuff on your own.  I am willing to bet you will have the better half of a work day’s time in it, and can almost guarantee certain things will not have been set up properly, and your cost eventually ends up much higher than $175, or $200 for that matter.

The average DIY small business owner attempting to handle their website setup pays as follows:

Domain Cost$15.00
Website Hosting$180.00
SSL Certificate$100.00
Company Email$100.00
Total (per year)$385.00


If you don’t believe me, please Google it and/or hop on GoDaddy to see what they charge!  Please remember or note if you haven’t read any other of my blogs, professionals stay away from GoDaddy like the plague!  They are the best at advertising and the worst at everything, literally everything, they offer. The worst. GoDaddy would be happy to make you their next victim of overpriced web services for the lowest quality the web will accept and still populate your website online.

If you insist on doing this initial setup of your website yourself, I am going to point you in the right direction.

Where to purchase your domain name?

NameCheap.com.  NameCheap is one of the largest domain registrars on the web and is very well respected.  As their name implies, they sell domain names for cheap. I no longer check any other domain registrar and as an added bonus, use the Honey Chrome extension to save even more at check out.  Do not purchase any add-ons from NameCheap unless you would also like to use their hosting.

Their hosting is certainly a viable option but for most small business owners we recommend Liquid Web.  If you take advantage of our $175 offer, we will purchase your domain on your behalf from NameCheap and your website will be hosted on our dedicated AWS (Amazon) server.

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap

The Best Place To Purchase A Domain Name

NameCheap is the best domain registrar for the following reasons:

  1. The Price
  2. Easy DNS Pointing
  3. Thorough Support Documentation (if needed)
  4. Quick and Excellent Chat Help (if needed)

Where to host your website?

Honestly our hosting is the best value but if you are reading this, I am assuming that is not what you wanted to hear.  Please check the price differences between shared and dedicated hosting plans wherever you look. You will quickly see our offer is insanely inexpensive in comparison.

Honestly, your small business probably doesn’t warrant the need for dedicated hosting, but it comes with very nice bonuses that include fast page load times and added security.

We recommend checking the shared plans offered at HostGator or LiquidWeb for the best price on a decent hosting plan that will work just fine for most small businesses.

How to get an SSL for cheap or free?

Whatever website host you go with should offer free SSL certificates.  Shady companies like GoDaddy will still get people that ‘just don’t know’ for $100 per year for their SSL certificate.

To get a free SSL if unavailable from your host, go here and jump through their hoops.  LINK

To get a cheap SSL if unavailable from your host, purchase whichever level SSL certification you need from SSLS.com. LINK

How to get a company email for free?

Zoho has been my email platform of choice for well over 5 years now.  I love its clean interface and ease of use on computers, as well as mobile devices.  Zoho does have paid email plans starting at $12 per year, yes, per year, but you very well may be just fine on the free plan like myself and our agency.

Email Better Than G Suite

Personally, Gmail is my least favorite email platform I have any experience using.  I think if you took a quick second to compare Zoho’s free email plan to Google’s G Suite which runs $100 per year, you would be impressed and happy to save $100 for a better email platform.

If you need an email service, we still recommend MailChimp.  After playing around with several other email services, we circled back around to MailChimp for most of our own needs and needs of our clients.  It integrates with about everything and is more straightforward on how to use it than others. With that said, some of the new email services do have options and functionality not offered by MailChimp.  Cost wise, MailChimp is still one of the cheapest options, and one of very few that still offer a free plan of any sort.

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Want to avoid all of this?  Contact us or NiceJob to take all of your online tasks off your plate.  You can focus on your business in real life.  We can focus on the web piece.


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