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Reputation Management

97% of consumers reference online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

That’s a good enough reason for us!

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Get More Reviews (PERIOD)

Consumers are weary.

Reviews build trust.

It is really that simple.

Why don’t customers, clients, guests, and patients leave more reviews?

Probably because you have never asked!  But, honestly, most people just don’t think about leaving a review unless they are unhappy with their service.  

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Reviews on Autopilot

Request, remind, and watch!

 The facts are in and they are hard to ignore, depending on the source the percent varies from 90-97% of consumers report they reference online reviews before making a purchasing decision. 

Are you part of that statistic?  We know we are…

Now, how to go about this with taking up a ton of your time?


Our software system has gone through years of iterations all which came together to form the Reviewing Fetching Machine we have available for you to use today.

How easy is it?

  1. Upload your email list to be used in the email campaigns.  Include first names if you want to utilize the ‘merge field.’  We highly recommend…why not?
  2. Draft your drip email bodies (or use our provided templates!).
  3. Send your emails and watch your reviews pour in!

Not into email?

No problem!  Slap your link or shortened link on printed material or in social posts, it is also QR Code friendly.  Embed it on your website’s pages or use it as a pop up.  

For a small additional fee, you can even request reviews via SMS (text messages) right from your dashboard.

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Keep the Good & Avoid the Bad

Worried about the negative review?  No Need!  If your customer signals that they are going to leave a 3-star review or below, their review will be sent to you as an email instead of being posted to a review site.

We thought you might like that!

Get a report each month you use the service to see your progress and manage your reviews on all platforms from one convenient place.

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i5 - Stars - Review Fetching and Building Service 7

More Time-Saving Features

Wouldn’t it be nice if your reviews got pushed to your social profiles as posts automatically?  Well, they do!

And, wouldn’t it be nice if your new reviews automatically were fed onto your web pages wherever you would like them?  Again, they do!

How It Works

Reviewers can be sent to any review site of your choice!  There is no limit on the integration.

step 1
Sign Up

You are going to need access to our software to pull this off.  We have a self-service or a done-for-you option for this service.

step 2
Set Up

We can do this for you or you are more than welcome to save some dough and do it yourself.  It’s super easy.  We provide templates and best practices if you would like to handle this one solo. 

step 3
Get Ready

Your reviews are on their way!  You will be kept up to speed with easy-to-read and easy-to-understand reports after each month.

We are still working out the kinks to allow for ordering directly from our website.  Thanks for understanding!

How much more is the SMS add-on?

SMS Add-On: $8/month for first 200 texts per month and $0.03 per text over 200.  Unused SMS credits do not roll over.

Can I see a monthly report?

Yes.  View or Download this PDF:  Optimized Review Building Sample Monthly Report

What information do I need to provide?
  1. Where you would like your reviews posted.
  2. Your clients’ first name and email address in the form of a Google Sheet.  CSV and Excel files are also excepted, but by using a Google Sheet any new additions will be automatically added to your campaigns.  (We will send our signed confidentiality agreement before requesting this if we will be handling all of this for you.)

If you would like to utilize all of our systems features, you may need to create us a login to your website’s backend or pass along code snippets to your web developer for that integration.

If you would like to utilize the SMS feature for a small additional cost based on usage, we would also need phone numbers to execute this feature.

Information you need to provide to us for this service can be viewed here: Stars a la carte Sample Customer Form.

Do you offer any discounts?

If you would like to go with a monthly option, we offer a 10% discount if you pay for your 1st 6-months upfront.

Do you have more detailed information for me to review before making my decision?
Do you have industry-specific information regarding review fetching?

We do.  It is hard to deny that an abundance of 4 and 5-star reviews will help any business really stand out from their competition, but we have built out pages geared to specific markets we know strongly rely on reviews to push prospects into first-time customers.

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