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The graphic below shows everything we can do for your business.  It’s actually not complete…we can also manage email campaigns to stay top of mind with your current clients or to prompt potential clients to move forward with your product or service.  We also integrate and automate all types of business activities that occur online.

Stop dealing with companies full of excuses and experience the professional service we offer at Optimized, LLC.

View the results we get our clients!

How Websites Really Work To Get ROI
Cincinnati Web Services

What we do…


We build brand new websites or update or re-design existing websites.


We make sure Google and all other search engines understand when to rank your website in the search results.

Google Ads

We set up Google Ads accounts and create ads to lead people searching for your product or service to your website.

All-In-One Solution

From registering your domain to hosting your website and everything in between.  Our services can include posting to your Google My Business or business Facebook page, sending automated emails sequences to stay top of mind, review fetching, company-branded emails, logo creation, photos/videos, and so on.  Some of our clients have us create their printed marketing material as well.

How we work…

Transparent Online Services

We empower our clients by fully connecting their website to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools so they can hop on any of these platforms at any point in time and see the results we are getting them.

We have nothing to hide.  When you hire Optimized SEO and Websites, we perform the work!  Nothing is outsourced, ever, PERIOD.

How much does a website cost?

Our flagship small business to medium-sized business websites are $3,500 and up.  These websites average 17 pages and include much more than the ‘website’ itself.

Super simple websites can be as low as $1,000 and a 9-page website can be as low as $2,250.  If you are expecting your website to rank in the search results, we highly recommend our flagship website.

How much is your SEO service?

We have a $1,500 onboarding fee to get started with our SEO service.  After the onboarding period is up, our SEO services are available from $500 to $1500 per month depending on how aggressively you want to market your business in the organic search results.

How much do Google Ads cost?

We charge $200 to set up a new Google Ads account with 9 versions of Google Search Ads and we get you a $100 Google Ads credit by creating your ads account within our Google Ads Manager dashboard.  It is 100% your Google Ads account, we are simply the manager.  Set up includes geographic targeting, demographic targeting, conversion tracking, device optimization, scheduled ads, all applicable extensions, keyword research, and negative keyword inputs.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

MEDFIRST Medical Center Logo

“Optimized literally doubled the traffic on our site in weeks…”

Dr. Mark A. Samia

MEDFIRST Medical Center

Profit Solutions Group Logo
“Ryan redesigned my website and is making a huge difference…”

Jim Kruspe

Profit Solutions Group

TaylorMade DCE Logo

“We landed a $54K flooring contact within 2 months of the build…”

Mason Taylor

TaylorMade DCE

Let’s Talk

We’ve had the opportunity to work with people looking to leave their full-time job to pursue their dream business to multi-million dollar companies.  We serve businesses locally in Greater Cincinnati and across the United States. 

A Word From The Founder of Optimized

I’m really glad you found our website.  That’s a good sign we are good at what we do, right?! 😃

We aren’t like any other website, SEO, or ad service you have used in the past!

Number 1, we are super easy to get ahold of during and outside of business hours by phone call, text, or email.

And, after working with so many businesses that have had a poor experience with an internet marketing agency in the past we’ve come to realize most other ‘web agencies’ overcharge and under deliver, or straight-up rob their clients blind!

We provide our clients results, not excuses, PERIOD!

We work with local, small businesses just get started to businesses doing $10M in annual revenue.

We simply implement Google Webmaster’s best practices and the search engine algorithms have no choice but to respond positively to our efforts!

If you have the people, process, and means to grow, we are your source to reach as many new potential customers as you wish.

We focus on conversion-focused web design that looks great on all screen sizes, getting our clients to rank on maps and in the organic listings, and running Google Ads and other marketing techniques on and offline to improve our client’s bottom line.

If this sounds like characteristics and qualities you are looking for in the company to represent your business online.  I’d personally love to have a quick conversation with you to share specific insights I have for your business.  After you contact me, I’d be happy to do some quick research on the current state of your online presence as a whole and get back to you promptly.

The graphic below is somehow not complete!  I simply ran out of room and the graphic was already getting cluttered.  Assuming we are given a reasonable budget to work with, we start fixing any issues and implementing tactics not being utilized by your business online per the graphic below.

But like I said, it’s not ‘complete.’  It’s missing a couple of obvious things in my opinion, like the fact it doesn’t mention a clear CTA or email marketing which are big pieces to the SEO and overall success of your business online.

If you’re ready to work with an ethical website, SEO, and ad management service, contact me.

Ryan Sciamanna

Optimized, LLC

(859) 888-0841

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