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Ryan Sciamanna is an entrepreneur in Greater Cincinnati. He started his 1st business in 2009 & sold it in 2018. He's been playing around on the internet ever since making passive income & providing web services to businesses.

Today we are going to look at 11 local business website examples in Greater Cincinnati built by Optimized SEO and Websites.

We work with local businesses in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati, as well as businesses across the United States.  The owner of Optimized, Ryan Sciamanna (I’m writing this article!  😃), sold his first business when he was 33 years old.  3 short years later he’s helping small businesses nearby and across the country attract new clients by getting them found online and making sure they look great once they get found.

How we get local business’s results online

We focus on creating a solid foundation for our clients online.  This starts with the website – the 1 property a business owns online that they are in full control of, or at least they should be…surprisingly many businesses don’t own their website, they rent them, or they have no idea out to access and manage their domain if needed.

Once the website is squared away with great on-page and technical SEO in place, we move on to fully connecting our clients’ websites to Google and Bing, the 2 largest search engines applicable to local businesses.  Technically YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc. are search engines too…

After that, we clean up the business’s NAP – Name, Address, Phone.  It has to be consistent no matter where it is found online.  On your website, Google My Business, Facebook page, Yelp, and so on and so forth.  Key citations are very important for local SEO especially.

This is our foundation, without these items properly implemented, finding success online is going to be hard.  But, it’s simply not enough in 2021 and beyond.

Ongoing marketing is needed for most small businesses to compete in any decent-sized market.  This includes content marketing/inbound marketing, Google Ads, consistent posting and review fetching, and continually analyzing the analytic data to make educated decisions on what will provide our clients with the best ROI for their marketing dollars in the short and long-term.

11 Greater Cincinnati Websites built by Optimized SEO and Websites

The websites are listed in no particular order.  Click on any to jump to more information about the work and results we’ve gotten for that business/website.

Aspire Therapy Services Logo

Aspire Therapy Services’ Website

Aspire Therapy Services is an independent pediatric physical therapy clinic located inside of the non-profit, May We Help.  Lisa Davison is simply the best pediatric physical therapist in Greater Cincinnati and it is an honor to work with her!  We love working with businesses doing amazing things in the local Greater Cincinnati community.

AspireTherapy4Kids com website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website updating and re-design: Lisa had built a website using Vista Print before connecting with us!  We didn’t even know that was a thing!  Needless to say, we vastly improved her website’s UX and SEO with a quick redesign using WordPress and the Divi Theme.
  2. Ongoing SEO: Lisa has engaged our ongoing services using our $1,500 SEO blocks.  Each SEO block engagement has lead to significant increases in her organic website traffic.
  3. Google Ads: We set up and manage the Google Ads account for Aspire Therapy Services.  She runs our minimum recommended budget of $150/mo utilizing Google Search Ads.  With an average CPC of $2.50, this leads to 2 additional calls or website visits per day on top of her organic, social, and referral traffic!

henderson music with timeline 2021

Henderson Music’s Website

Henderson Music is a staple in Greater Cincinnati.  Still owned by the Henderson Family,  Brian Henderson carries on the family business his father started back in 1963.  If you need a piano, there is no better place to go!  Every store manager has years of industry experience, and obviously, Brian has been in the industry quite literally his entire life!  They have locations in Cincinnati, Lexington, and Louisville.

HendersonMusic com website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website updating and re-design: Henderson Music’s website looked like 1999 when we were 1st contacted by them in late 2020.  By early 2021, they had a website that looked like 2021 and the optimizations made in the process were night and day to website visitors and search engines alike.  This is a large website with eCommerce capabilities.  It was a significant investment for them which is quickly paying off.
  2. Ongoing SEO: Henderson Music is currently on our $500/mo SEO plan which includes updating the products on their website daily as needed.  They get new pianos in and move them right back out the door!
  3. Google Ads: To jump-start Henderson Music’s success after building their new website, we threw in $300 worth of Google Ads on us as a thank you for the opportunity to work with them.

Companion Animal Medical Centre Logo

Companion Animal Medical Centres’ Website

Dr. Steffen is the veterinarian at Companion Animal Medical Centre.  She also owns the practice.  Dr. Steffen is a well-respected holistic veterinarian in Cincinnati and across the country.  They are located in Milford, OH.  If you have a cat for a dog in need of excellent care, we highly recommend you give CAMC Pets a call!

CAMCPets com website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website updating and re-design: Another local website/marketing company lost Dr. Steffen’s business by not communicating well.  Communication with our clients is definitely one of our strong suits, so we were up for the challenge.  After further investigation, the other local web service she had been using for years was quite obviously outsourcing her work to someone in India or the Philippines.  This made it easy for us to do quality work and boast up her results quickly with our changes.
  2. Ongoing SEO: Dr. Steffen is our on $1,000/mo* SEO plan.  This includes posting on their social platforms several times per week, managing their email newsletter, and continuing to update and improve their website over time.
  3. Google Ads: To ensure Dr. Steffen is at the top of the search results for all of the keyword phrases most valuable to her business we constantly run Google Ads for her.

*The cost of the Google Ads is not additional to Dr. Steffen, it is included within her $1,000/mo payment to us for our services.

AA Home Inspection Logo Menu

AA Home Inspection’s Website

Ironically*, we also received AA Home Inspection as a client because they were also using the same local company as Dr. Steffen and getting the same outsourcing crap work for their monthly payments.  Mike Patton is the most determined and savvy business owner we’ve worked with to date.  If you need an inspection in KY or OH anywhere near Cincinnati, you want AA Home Inspection performing that inspection to ensure absolutely nothing is missed.

*It wasn’t that ironic.  It isn’t what you know, but who you know.  Big thanks to Jim Kruspe, a Greater Cincinnati Business Coach, for the warm connections to Mike with AA Home Inspection and Dr. Steffen with Companion Animal Medical Centre.  And yes, we also built Jim’s company’s website – Profit Solutions Group.

AAHomeInspection net website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website updating and re-design: AA Home Inspection’s website got a full revamp with lots of additional pages.  Whenever we re-design an existing website the current website remains online until the new version is ready to be swapped out in its place.
  2. Ongoing SEO: AA Home Inspection is on a $500/mo SEO plan with us which has lead to a consistent increase in organic traffic month after month.
  3. Google Ads: AA Home Inspection pays us an additional $150/mo which goes directly towards their Google Ads ad spend cost – also known as ‘the cost of the ads themselves charged by Google.’  We use a portion of their SEO payment for additional ad spend each month.  On average we run $250/mo through Google Ads for AA  Home Inspection.  Their ads starting running mid-May of 2020.  They are averaging $1.65 per click and have lead to 861 clicks to their website and calls to their business as of March 20th, 2021 – the day I wrote this article.

BNB Lawn Mowing Logo

BNB Lawn Mowing’s Website

BNB Lawn Mowing is financially backed by myself, Ryan Sciamanna, the owner for Optimized SEO and Websites.  So, you can freaking bet your bottom dollar nothing was spared to ensure BNB Lawn Mowing dominates the 1st page of Google for all relevant search queries.  We’re talking complete domination since we were not limited by a budget.

BNB Lawn Mowing really just wants to cut grass in NKY.  The biggest issue this very young company faces is figuring out how to monetize all of the leads that can not serve in-house!  We call those “good problems!”

BNBLawnMowing com website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website Design: From nothing to something in a matter of days.  We built websites very fast if we have the information we request from our clients and all of their media assets available.  It’s actually a very small part of the value we provide to our clients.  The real value is in the execution – how we do what we do.  We get our clients set up on the right platforms from the get-go which saves them thousands of dollars in the long run.
  2. Ongoing SEO: The content was quickly beefed up on BNB Lawn Mowing’s website to ensure we were attracting anyone searching for lawn or landscape-related services to BNB Lawn Mowing’s website.
  3. Google Ads: BNB Lawn Mowing is no longer running Google Ads as they simply do not need to!  When you’re site attracts 30 people to it organically each day by itself and your crews are already maxed out, there is no point.  Yeah, BNB Lawn Mowing has “good problems” and we are proud to say we created them!  🤣


Blueline’s Website

Yet another referral from Jim Kruspe at Profit Solutions Group.  Blueline provides specialized funding to insurance agencies seeking to acquire capital to purchase other insurance agencies or books of business.

Blueline biz website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website Design:  The objective with their site was not like most sites we built.  Blueline direct markets to their extremely niche audience so SEO was not needed or wanted.  The owner simply needed a place for insurance agency owners to get the information they needed to apply.  We built this website in 1-day.

Menu Logo

EC LEARN’s Website

EC LEARN is an acronym that stands for Early Childhood Learning Education Assessment Resource Network.  EC LEARN was the 1st non-profit we’ve had the opportunity to work with and we are looking forward to working with another out of the Atlanta area very soon.

EC LEARN provides guidance and resources for early childhood families and professionals.

ECLEARN org website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website updating and re-design:  EC LEARN needed to be able to update the content on their website themselves.  This is very easy for our clients to do since we primarily build WordPress websites using the Divi Theme.  Divi is a visual builder which allows our clients to edit and add to their website without needing any knowledge of coding.
  2. Tutorials: We built out specific tutorials for the staff at EC LEARN to quickly reference so they could make the updates in real-time on their own without waiting for us or paying us!  You can view many of the beginner-level tutorials we’ve created for our clients over the years on the Optimized SEO and Website YouTube channel.
  3. Google Ads:  EC LEARN qualifies for Google Grants.  Google Grants provides $10,000 per month in ad spend on Google Ads to qualified non-profit organizations.  We are excited to manage their ads in the near future.

Campbell County KY Law Office of David A. Schulenberg

The Law Office of David A. Schulenberg’s Website

The client ‘most local’ to us here in Newport, KY is The Law Office of David A. Schulenberg.  David contacted me after finding us in the search results.  Within weeks he had a brand new website for his law firm in Campbell County, KY.

Big thanks to David A. Schulenberg for helping us get some bogus reviews removed from Google left by yet another unscrupulous web agency in Cincinnati.

SchulenbergLaw com website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website Design: We created a simple website for David’s clients to learn more and make it easier for them to find and contact him.
  2. Basic SEO: We don’t just ‘build websites.’  Every website built by Optimized comes with a solid foundation for SEO on-page, technically, and off-page as well.  Learn more about what we include with our website packages.

Optimized SEO and Websites Logo

Optimized SEO and Websites’ Website

You should have known we built our own website!  Duh!

OptimziedDesign website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website Design and Constant Improvement:  At the time of this writing we are badly wanting to update our own website…it’s a case of the plumber with leaky pipes.  Our clients come first and with our services in high-demand, the re-design of our website is on the backburner.
  2. Ongoing SEO:  We focus on blogging weekly, this is one of our weekly blog posts, to display our expertise and trustworthiness by creating valuable content to our ideal clients.
  3. Google Ads: We run Google Ads from time to time, but honestly,  90% of our clients come from referrals.  3 of the websites on this shortlist of sites we’ve built we’re referrals which backs that up.  The other referral source we have is my other brand’s YouTube channel, Lawn Crack,  with currently is just shy of 17,000 subscribers.  More on Lawn Crack next.

Lawn Crack Menu Logo

Lawn Crack’s Website

My 1st business was a lawn care company that served NKY much like BNB Lawn Mowing does today.  My company was a full-service lawn, landscape, hardscape, and snow removal service with 7 trucks out and about performing services for our clients each day.

As I prepared to exit the lawn care business and enter the world of online marketing, I started a YouTube channel named LawnCrack to share my knowledge.  The rest is history as they say!

LawnCrack com website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website Design:  Again, Lawn Crack’s website should be updated but we put clients 1st!  But, the main attraction to Lawn Crack’s website is the area calculator.  Built by a developer I hooked up with while still attending NKU, Noah Fields did an outstanding job creating a web app, iOS app, and Android App which allowed anyone to quickly measure the square footage of a property.  This tool is used daily by numerous lawn and landscape companies across the country and around the work. It allows them to measure the area and provide a quote without needing to visit the property.
  2. Ongoing SEO: Mainly YouTube video creation which I’ve been terrible about starting in 2020.  Some videos have well over 1,000,000 views which are still getting lots of views today and generating a nice passive income from the ads running while the videos play.

iGoPro Lawn Supply Menu Logo

iGoPro Lawn Supply’s Website

iGoPro Lawn Supply was born once Lawn Crack proved I could sell the crap out of lawn and garden supplies and equipment online.  Lawn Crack only carried a hold full of niche items. iGoPro Lawn Supply carries over 9,000 parts, supplies, and equipment for lawn and garden-related items primarily but also carries parts for things like ATVs, dirtbikes, and the like.

This is a Shopify store, not a WordPress website built using the Divi Theme like all others on this list and the majority of websites we build.  In general, we recommend Shopify for an eCommerce website over WordPress with WooCommerce.

iGoProLawnSupply com website

Services Performed by Optimized SEO and Websites

  1. Website Design: Almost the entire homepage of this website was coded out with HTML and CSS by myself.  Even though I don’t ‘need to know’ these code languages, having a pretty strong understanding of how to use both has allowed me to customize our own websites and client websites way beyond what the built-in tools can do on Shopify or WordPress with Divi.  We also write JS with the help of our NKU student developers who have since graduated.  They still help us out whenever we have the need for their expertise.  If you need cybersecurity, these guys would be great guys to speak with for a custom solution that won’t break the bank.  They enter and win cybersecurity contests across the country with their team of ethical hackers.
  2. Ongoing SEO: We mainly perform SEO for iGoPro Lawn Supply by utilizing blog posts and focusing on keyword phrases we’ve identified that are a great match for our business and that gets plenty of action in search.
  3. Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads: eCommerce is competitive!  This store would bring in a fraction of the revenue that it currently does without a hefty ad spend budget.  Currently, we are running $2,000 per month through primarily Google, but also allocate some of that budget to Microsoft (Bing) and Facebook advertising.  The numbers simply work though.  We’re just entering the ‘in-season’ in mid-to-late March and just had our biggest sales week ever, $13.02K as shown by the screenshot below!

eCommerce Sales

Yes…you have to spend money to make money.  We practice what we preach!

We’re Ready To Build The Website For Your Business in Greater Cincinnati

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We’re ready whenever you’re ready to step up your game online and take your business to the next level.

If we did not feel as if we were the best Website and SEO company in Cincinnati, we simply wouldn’t be in business.  We hope you feel the same way about your business.  If you’re running a solid operation and simply need to get in front of more people to grow, freaking contact us!

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